What Are The Wombles Of Wimbledon Names?

  • Great Uncle Bulgaria (old and wise – his full name is Bulgaria Coburg Womble)
  • Tobermory (handyman)
  • Madame Cholet (chef)
  • Orinoco (lazy and greedy)
  • Wellington (clever and shy)
  • Tomsk (sporty and strong)
  • Bungo (bossy and excitable)

Which Elizabeth created The Wombles?

Elisabeth Beresford, the creator of The Wombles, has died, her family have announced. Born in 1926, she passed away on Christmas Eve in the Mignot Memorial Hospital, in Alderney in the Channel Islands, according to her son. Her creations featured in a series of books as well as a TV series.

Which womble had a red scarf?

Orinoco | Wombles Wiki | Fandom.

Was Alderney a Womble?

Alderney was one of the original wombles from the books, but did not join the other main wombles on television until the 1990’s television series.

Who voices Uncle Bulgaria?

Ray Winstone has joined the voice cast of the rebooted series of The Wombles. He will join original cast member Bernard Cribbins in the computer animated show as Tobermory. Cribbins is providing the voice for Great Uncle Bulgaria.

What is a Womble in British slang?

noun. British. A fictional animal inhabiting Wimbledon Common in London, characterized as clearing up litter. ‘The English National Opera has embraced a tradition stretching from Wat Tyler to the Wombles. ‘

Is Wimbledon Common real?

Wimbledon Common is a large open space in Wimbledon south-west London, totalling 460 hectares (1,100 acres). There are three named areas: Wimbledon Common, Putney Heath, and Putney Lower Common which together are managed under the name Wimbledon and Putney Commons.

Where did Elisabeth Beresford live?

Apart from her Wombles books, Beresford wrote various adventure and mystery books for children, many based on the island of Alderney, where she lived in a 300-year-old cottage in St Anne.

How did the Wombles get their names?

The Wombles (1975)

Great Uncle Bulgaria is the oldest, wisest womble. Apparently the young wombles choose their names by sticking pins in an atlas, apart from Bungo who chose his completely randomly. The Wombles’ names were Wellington, Orinoco, Tobermory, Tomsk and Madame Cholet.

How many episodes of The Wombles were made?

In all, sixty episodes were made. This series remained popular with children in the 80s. After FilmFair was acquired by the Canadian company Cinar Films in 1996, a new series of episodes was released in 1997, with a number of new Womble characters.

Are all Wombles named after places?

The Wombles may famously be ‘of’ Wimbledon Common, but each Womble is also connected to somewhere else in the world, by their names. Creator Elizabeth Beresford named almost all of the Wombles after places: hence Great Uncle Bulgaria, Orinoco (as in the river), Tobermory (as in the town in the Hebrides) and so forth.

Is the word Womble copyrighted?

Womble Bond Dickinson has trademarked the name “Womble” as part of a “defensive strategy” launched by the firm after its transatlantic merger, The Lawyer can reveal. The firm registered the name Womble Bond Dickinson over the summer, as well as just the word Womble.

What is a Womble UDA?

The UDA were often referred to by the nickname “Wombles” by their rivals, mainly the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF). The nickname is derived from the furry fictional children’s TV creatures The Wombles, and was given to the UDA because many of its members wore fur-trimmed parkas.

Who owns Wimbledon Common?

Owned by the Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators (a registered Charity), the Commons are managed on a day to day basis by a staff of 23 under the guidance of the Chief Executive.

Who owns Putney Common?

The land was enclosed from the 15th century, in 1871 the Wimbledon and Putney Commons act entrusted the land from the Spencer family, to the Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators (WPCC), who have been responsible for managing the land ever since.

Is Wimbledon a nice area?

Wimbledon Common is one of the largest areas of common land in London and a great place to take a picnic. This leafy area of London has a relaxed atmosphere, excellent amenities, good transport links into the city and a great selection of top-end private and state schools, resulting in a very popular area for families.

What is a Minger in the UK?

noun British Slang. an ugly, unpleasant, or smelly person or thing.

What is a goomba in Italian?

1 informal : a close friend or associate —used especially among Italian-American men.

What is a Wumble?

Wumbled : To be so taken with someone that you are rendered completely inert at the very thought of them.

Which Womble did Bernard cribbins voice?

He narrated the BBC children’s television programme The Wombles (1973–1975) and was a regular and prolific reader for the BBC series Jackanory from 1966 to 1991. Cribbins played Tom Campbell, a companion to Dr. Who in the 1966 film Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.

Was The Wombles a cartoon?

5 minutes per episode (approx.) The Wombles is a stop motion animated British television series made in 1973–1975. … After the first Wombles book, published in 1968, was featured on the BBC1 children’s television programme Jackanory, the BBC commissioned producer FilmFair to create a television series of the books.

How old are Wombles?

The Wombles first aired on 5 February 1973. The series was based on the books written by Elizabeth Beresford, about a secretive group of creatures who live beneath Wimbledon Common, collecting and recycling the litter left behind by the “everyday folk”.