What Does It Mean When Someone Says Regardless?

“Regardless of” means the speaker doesn’t care about whatever comes next or it doesn’t impact.

Is regardless a good word?

So it’s a word, but its use is still discouraged in formal writing. In 2016, NPR’s standards and practices editor at the time told staff to “just say ‘regardless. ‘ ” The AP Stylebook calls it a double negative. The American Heritage dictionary notes that a panel of experts “has roundly disapproved of its use.”

Does regardless mean either way?

Regardless = no matter what, in any case. There could be any number of cases or options – A, B, C, D, etc ad infinitum. Either way (strictly speaking) = whichever of two cases, either one or the other, either A or B.

What does I love you regardless mean?

Regardless means (in this sentence) anything that the lover wanted to say to his/her loved ones. The lover just wants to express that his love is unconditional, meaning, it cannot be change by any conditions. For example “I can’t stop loving you regardless of our situation”.

What is the synonym of regardless?

nevertheless, anyway, disregarding, blind, careless, coarse, crude, delinquent, derelict, heedless, inadvertent, inattentive, inconsiderate, insensitive, lax, listless, mindless, neglectful, negligent, rash.

Can you say regardless of?

If something is done without consideration, it’s done regardless, usually followed by the word “of.” Today you can sit wherever you’d like on a bus, regardless of your race, but this wasn’t always the case.

Is YEET a word?

Yeet, defined as an “indication of surprise or excitement,” was voted the American Dialect Society’s 2018 Slang/Informal Word of the Year.

Is irregardless proper English?

Irregardless means the same thing as “regardless.” Yes, it’s a word. But major dictionaries label it nonstandard.

Is regardless formal?

The main difference between irregardless and regardless is that irregardless is used only in informal settings, while regardless is used in informal and formal contexts.

What does regardless age mean?

: without taking into account accepts all regardless of age also : in spite of regardless of our mistakes.

What is the opposite of regardless?

Since the prefix ir- means “not” (as it does with irrespective), and the suffix -less means “without”, the word contains a double negative. The word irregardless could therefore be expected to have the meaning “in regard to”, thus being an antonym of regardless.

What is a synonym for even though?

although. despite the fact. despite the fact that. in spite of the fact that. though.

How do we use despite?

We use despite / in spite of to express that something is unexpected or surprising. Despite the heavy traffic, we got there on time. Despite being much older than the others, he won the race. Despite and in spite of can be followed by a noun or verb.

What do you use after regardless?

Even though people warned him of the dangers, he performed the operation regardless. However, if “regardless” is followed by an independent clause, then a comma might not be enough in this case. You see, when “regardless” is at the beginning of an independent clause, you have to either use a semicolon or a period.

What is a YEET baby?

— A Chesterfield baby and her uncle have become viral sensations, entertaining millions of people on TikTok and Instagram. … So much so, Marleigh is now affectionately called “The Yeet Baby” and can be found on Tik Tok and Instagram under that handle.

Is YEET a word Scrabble?

Is YEET a Scrabble word? YEET is not a valid scrabble word.

Is YEET an old word?

Around a thousand years ago, a word that sounded like “yeet” also existed in our language: In Middle English, the word “yeet” (the same as we pronounce it now) was a form of the verb “yeten.” “Yeten,” in some contexts, meant to call someone “ye,” the more respectful version of calling someone “thou”.

How do you use no matter if?

It has remained very popular with walkers because no matter if it’s boiling hot weather or freezing cold, the Mint Cake and its texture remains consistent. No matter if the paint is barely dry on the sign hanging outside the bistro, Mike has been there before me.

How can I use regardless in a sentence?

Regardless sentence example

  • Jackson could always make her laugh regardless of her misery. …
  • Regardless of what we suspect, it’s still just conjecture. …
  • It was a moment that lay in her stomach like a week-long hunger, regardless of the fact that they had been gone only minutes.

How do you use regardless in a sentence?

Regardless Sentence Examples

  • Jackson could always make her laugh regardless of her misery.
  • Regardless of what we suspect, it’s still just conjecture.
  • It was a moment that lay in her stomach like a week-long hunger, regardless of the fact that they had been gone only minutes.

What is the root word for regardless?

Regardless is rather simply derived from the noun regard (meaning “attention” or “concern”) plus -less—nothing too shocking about that. But poor regardless became embroiled in a usage scandal through no fault of its own when people began using irregardless as its synonym (probably blending irrespective and regardless).

What is another word for doesn’t matter?

Lacking importance. Of no consequence; unimportant; trivial. Something unimportant; something that does not matter.

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