What Does The French Word Musette Mean?

​MUSETTE, diminutive of the old French ‘muse,’ both meaning an instrument of the bagpipe family, consisting of two pipes or reeds and a drone, supplied with wind from a leathern reservoir. [

Is Musette a French word?

musette: backpack; rucksack; knapsack; haversack; feedbag; oat bag; fodder bag; nosebag.

What is a musette dance?

Quick Reference. Dance performed in 2/4, 3/4, or even 6/8 time and related to the gavotte. So named because it is danced to a bass drone like a bagpipe, it was popular at the courts of Louis XIV and XV. From: musette in The Oxford Dictionary of Dance »

What is a musette waltz?

Glossary: Musette Waltz

There they played their “musette”, which were actually “Cabrette” (a form of bagpipe typical for the Auvergne) for dances in Cafés. Their repertoire also consisted a waltzes, which for this reason were called Valse Musette.

Is a musette a dance?

Bal-musette is a style of French instrumental music and dance that first became popular in Paris in the 1880s. Although it began with bagpipes as the main instrument, this instrument was replaced with accordion, on which a variety of waltzes, polkas, and other dance styles were played for dances.

What is a musette bag ww2?

To carry extra gear and ammunition. The Musette Bag was used by the American Military to carry extra gear. Advertisement.

What are stalwarts?

A stalwart is a loyal worker or supporter of an organization, especially a political party. His free-trade policies aroused suspicion among Tory stalwarts. She is a stalwart of the Residents’ Committee. Synonyms: adherent, supporter, fan, follower More Synonyms of stalwart.

How do you spell musette?

Also called mu·sette bag . a small leather or canvas bag with a shoulder strap, used for carrying personal belongings, food, etc., while hiking, marching, or the like.

What is in a musette bag?

But generically, the little bags (traditionally called “musettes” by the French and “bonk bags” by the Brits) contain food and fluids in the form of an energy bar or two, a couple of gel packs and a bottle of sports drink. Early in a long race or in cooler weather, riders used to eat small sandwiches called panini.

What is a military musette bag?

Military Musette Canvas Bag

Musette bags were used extensively by the American military during WWII, in which soldiers would pack extra supplies such as food and ammunition when heading into the field.

When was musette composed?

Musette from the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach gave this notebook to his wife Anna Magdalena in 1725. Over the years, the notebook was filled with favorite selections of the members of the Bach family. This Musette in D Major, BWV Anhang 126 was composed during the Baroque period.

What is Musette tuning on accordion?

Musette refers to a type of tuning, usually associated with French or Scottish sounds. The true musette tuning is when you have 3 middle reeds, (also called 8 ‘ or clarinet reeds); one in tune, one tuned flat and one tuned sharp thus causing the notes to vibrate against each other.

What is a musette used for?

Broadly, a musette is considered to be a small bag used for carrying food or personal belongings while hiking, traveling, cycling etc. In the world of professional bike racing, this bag contains food and water and is given to cyclists in a feed zone during a race.

What do Tour de France riders eat for lunch?

They eat rice and fruit for recovery

Immediately after the stage, riders have a little rice for the carbs and one bottle of recovery drink. Some days a sandwich, then in the hotel they have fruit, preferably fruit with lots of water in it: think pineapple or watermelon.”

What type of food might the riders want to have in the musette bags?

Rice cakes are packed with energy and each evening, before the next day’s stage, the riders choose from a selection of flavours (banana, toffee or plain).

What is the food bag called in cycling?

A cycling feed bag, which is also called, “a musette”, is a small bag with a shoulder strap that is used for cycling races. Usually, the soigneurs on the pro teams, stand with the musettes in the feeding zones in a race. The bag contains food and drink in form of energy bars, energy gels and energy drinks.

What was in the airborne leg bag?

Developed in 1943, the airborne leg bag was designed to carry a paratrooper’s personal weapon and individual equipment, however loads largely depended on the commander’s discretion. … The bag shows use and wear. Leather reinforcements present and featuring brass snaps.

What was in a ww2 haversack?

This comprised an upper “marching pack” for rations, poncho and clothes, and a lower knapsack for extra shoes and utilities. The exterior of the upper pack had loops and grommet tabs for attaching a bayonet, shovel, bedroll, extra canteen, and first-aid pouch. It was issued in tan or khaki canvas.

Who were stalwart Republicans?

The Stalwarts were a faction of the Republican Party that existed briefly in the United States during and after Reconstruction and the Gilded Age during the 1870s and 1880s. … They were the “traditional” Republicans who opposed Rutherford B. Hayes’s civil service reform.

What is a stalwart friend?

a stalwart friend or supporter is very loyal. Synonyms and related words. Loyal. loyal.

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