What Does They Would Require Meaning?

to place under an obligation or necessity: The situation requires me to take immediate action. … to demand; impose obligation: to do as the law requires.

How do you use required in a sentence?

Required sentence example

  1. Quinn was required to pick up extra classes when an older professor passed away suddenly. …
  2. Money is not required to buy one necessary of the soul. …
  3. Alex and Jonathan had a relationship that required few words. …
  4. Fixing supper required several.

Will be required or require?

As verbs the difference between required and require

is that required is (require) while require is (label) to ask (someone) for something; to request.

Will be needing in a sentence?

We will be needing more urgently to just cope with the current influx“. His acceleration and overall intelligence is something that we will be needing following Renato Sanches’s departure. Failing that, Zintan’s courthouse will be needing a lick of paint.

What is the synonym of requires?

Some common synonyms of require are claim, demand, and exact. While all these words mean “to ask or call for something as due or as necessary,” require suggests the imperativeness that arises from inner necessity, compulsion of law or regulation, or the exigencies of the situation.

How do you use requirements?

“We have several important requirements.” “The job has specific requirements.” “There are many necessary requirements for this position.” “I haven’t fulfilled the main requirements.”

What is an example of required?

Require is defined as to need or demand. An example of to require is someone needing sleep when they are very tired.

What does you are required mean?

If you require something or if something is required, you need it or it is necessary. If you require further information, you should consult the registrar.

What does required mean in law?

Related Definitions

Required by Law means a mandate contained in law that compels an entity to make a use or disclosure of PI or PII that is enforceable in a court of law.

What does required mean in story?

Require means to need.

What is required of me meaning?

to expect or demand someone to give or do something. I require absolute loyalty of my employees. What is required of me in this job? See also: of, require.

Does it require meaning?

1a : to claim or ask for by right and authority. b archaic : request. 2a : to call for as suitable or appropriate the occasion requires formal dress. b : to demand as necessary or essential : have a compelling need for all living beings require food. 3 : to impose a compulsion or command on : compel.

Is not required meaning?

unnecessary; not necessary; not required.

What does being in need of someone or something mean?

—used to say that someone or something needs to have something The program is in desperate/dire/urgent need of financial support. More important things were in need of her attention.

What type of word is requires?

As detailed above, ‘requires’ is a verb.

Is a requirement to or for?

“Requirement to”: “The requirement to complete the trip” = “to” is attached to the verb as an infinitive. Stick to “for”.

What are different types of requirements?

Here are 9 different types of requirements documents

  • Business Requirements Document (BRD) …
  • Functional Requirements Document (FRD) …
  • Market Requirements Document (MRD) …
  • Product Requirements Document (PRD) …
  • User Interface Requirements Document (UIRD) …
  • Technical Requirements Document (TRD) …
  • Quality Requirements Document.

What is word requirement?

that which is required; a thing demanded or obligatory: One of the requirements of the job is accuracy. an act or instance of requiring. a need or necessity: to meet the requirements of daily life.

What is the synonyms of mandatory?

In this page you can discover 28 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for mandatory, like: forced, obligatory, compulsory, exigent, impelling, compelling, optional, statutory, necessary, coercive and commandatory.

Is the word needing correct?

Yes, I just need to know possibility of using the word “NEEDING” in any case.

Would need to meaning?

1 to form the past tense or subjunctive mood of will1. 2 with: you, he, she, it, they, or a noun as subject to indicate willingness or desire in a polite manner.

What is mean by required question?

“required” means compulsory needed. or absolutely necessary.

What is the noun of require?

the noun form of require is required.

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