What Is A Fritter In England?

1 : to spend or waste bit by bit, on trifles, or without commensurate return —usually used with away. 2 : to break into small fragments. intransitive verb. : dissipate, dwindle.

What does fitter mean?

A fitter is a person whose job is to put together, adjust, or install machinery or equipment.

What does the word Flitters mean?

Verb. 1. flitter – move back and forth very rapidly; “the candle flickered” flicker, flutter, quiver, waver.

What does Flitter twitter mean?

Flitter is a beautiful new Twitter client for iPhone that features a tweet edit workaround, OLED dark mode, more. … However, what it does offer is both an OLED and dark mode, the ability to edit tweets (deletes and starts new draft), supports keyboard haptics, on-the-fly tweet translations, Touch or Face ID, and more.

What does the saying flat as a flitter mean?

In the Southern vernacular, the noun “flitter” can mean “a fritter or pancake.” Ages ago, the prophet Hosea described a flitter when he wrote, “Ephraim is a flat cake,” not turned over (Hosea 7:8).

What does fitter mean in British slang?

someone whose job is to repair or put together equipment or machines: a pipe fitter. UK. someone whose job is to cut and fit especially clothes or carpets: a carpet fitter.

What is the work of fitter?

Fitters construct and assemble mechanical systems. … Some fitters choose to specialize in mechanical fitting, pipefitting, or steamfitting, others work in the heating and cooling industry maintaining and repairing systems in commercial or factory settings. The manufacturing industry is the largest employer of fitters.

What is railway fitter?

Proficient in getting wheel machined, faced and tyre set and refits wheel assembly using new parts such as keyways, guides, space bars, etc. Knowledge of attending to repairs of coach and wagon buffers, vacuum brakes, etc.

What is samosa called in English?

The English word samosa derives from Hindi/Urdu word ‘samosa’, traceable to the Middle Persian word sanbosag (Persian: سنبوسگ‎), and has the meaning of the “triangular pastry“. Similar pastries are referred to as sambusak in the Arabic-speaking world, Medieval Arabic recipe books sometimes spell it sambusaj.

What is the meaning of aphoristic?

1 : a concise statement of a principle. 2 : a terse formulation of a truth or sentiment : adage the high-minded aphorism, “Let us value the quality of life, not the quantity”

What is frittered meat?

A fritter is a portion of meat, seafood, fruit, vegetables or other ingredients which have been battered or breaded, or just a portion of dough without further ingredients, that is deep-fried.

Why is it called a fritter?

Fritter derives from the Late Latin frictura, meaning “a fry.” Frictura, in turn, derived from the Latin berb frigere which meant “to fry” or “to roast.” Our word fry obviously derives from this word as well.

What are the three types of fritters?

Fritter recipes exist all around the world and are popular in cuisines of the Caribbean, southeast Asia, Mexico and the United States.

  • Fruit Fritters. Fruit fritters are considered a type of doughnut with a slightly different recipe. …
  • Vegetable Fritters. …
  • Meat and Seafood Fritters. …
  • Bean Fritters.

Are apple fritters donuts?

Fritters are very similar to donuts: they’re both batter-based, fried desserts. … The difference comes in how each one gets filled: donut batter gets fried all by it’s lonesome and fillings may get piped into them once they’re done.

What is full form of fitter?

The full form of the word FITTER is foundation of Industrial Training and Technology Resources. This ensures the running of different institutes and offices providing lessons and works opportunities on industrial training and technology based works.

What is fitter all about?

The role of a fitter and turner

A fitter and turner is responsible for studying blueprints, plans, and drawings to be able to construct, assemble, manufacture, and fit parts of machines. This person is also responsible for maintaining and repairing different types of machinery.

What is the difference between fitter and welder?

Pipefitters are often required to work in confined and hot spaces for lengthy periods of time. A welder fabricates and puts together metal parts. It is done through the use of various machines that create intense heat to fuse the metals.

What does no fitter mean?

: not fit: a : not adapted to a purpose : unsuitable. b : not qualified : incapable, incompetent.

What does Fauter mean?

Verb. fauter. (intransitive) to make a mistake, to mess up.

What is a fitter welder?

A welder fitter is a skilled worker who welds and fits metal, like steel, to meet specifications. Job duties include positioning and connecting various parts by hand, often using specialized equipment such as heat torches or lasers. Some welder fitters work with high-tech gear, like a robotic arm, to complete tasks.

Where did the saying flat as a pancake come from?

Extremely level, especially too much so. For example, There are no hills; this terrain is flat as a pancake. This simile dates from the 1500s and has survived its contemporary, flat as a flounder. It is sometimes used, either disparagingly or ruefully, to describe a small-breasted woman.

Is a fritter flat?

Mrs. Stover has informed me that a pancake is not a fritter unless you add lumpy bits, like fruit, vegetables or meat. So why would you say “flat as a fritter,” when “flat as a pancake” is such a very well-known expression. … A corruption of the word fritter, a pan-cake.

What is frittered away?

: to spend or use up (something) in a slow and usually foolish way He frittered the afternoon away. He frittered away his fortune on gambling.

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