What Is An Example Of Zygomorphic?

Zygomorphic flower – A flower capable of being divided into only two equal parts (mirror images) by a line passing through the middle of a flower, i.e., other lines passing the middle of the flower will not give mirror images of one another; same as monosymmetric, bilaterally symmetrical, and irregular flowers and …

What is the symbol of Zygomorphic?

The position of the ovary is indicated by a line; this is below the number following G if the ovary is superior and above it if the ovary is inferior. The formula is preceded by the symbol ⊕ if the flower is actinomorphic and ·|· or ↑ if it is zygomorphic.

What is the difference between Actinomorphic and Zygomorphic?

The key difference between actinomorphic and zygomorphic flower is that actinomorphic flower is a flower that is radially symmetrical and can be divided into two equal parts along any diameter while zygomorphic flower is a flower that is bilaterally symmetrical and can be bisected into two equal parts only in one plane …

What is meant by Actinomorphic Zygomorphic?

adjective. (of a flower) capable of being cut in only one plane so that the two halves are mirror imagesSee also actinomorphic.

What is an example of Actinomorphic flower?

The examples of ‘The Actinomorphic flowers’ are ‘The lily’ (Lilium, Liliaceae), ‘The buttercup’ (Ranunculus, Ranunculaceae). Mustard, datura, chilli is also an example of the actinomorphic.

How do you represent Zygomorphic?

– When coming to floral symmetry, in Zygomorphic it can be divided only by a single plane passing through it. So it is represented by the symbol %.

What is Actinomorphic condition?

: being radially symmetrical and capable of division by any longitudinal plane into essentially symmetrical halves an actinomorphic tulip flower.

What is called perianth?

The perianth (perigonium, perigon or perigone in monocots) is the non-reproductive part of the flower, and structure that forms an envelope surrounding the sexual organs, consisting of the calyx (sepals) and the corolla (petals) or tepals when called a perigone.

Is indigofera Zygomorphic?

Flowers ebracteolate; small; very irregular; zygomorphic; papilionaceous.

What is Gamosepalous?

: having the sepals united.

Is a Zygomorphic flower?

When a flower can be divided by a single plane into two equal parts, it is zygomorphic, or bilaterally symmetrical, as in the snapdragon, orchid, and sweet pea.

What is Actinomorphic flower?

A actinomorphic flower is a type of flower that possesses radial symmetry. Any type of cut through the center will divide the flower into two equal parts. Also known as “star-shaped”, “regular”, “radial” or a “polysymmetric” flower, actinomorphic flowers can be bisected at any point and have two identical halves.

In which plant Cymose inflorescence is present?

In cymose inflorescence, the peduncle terminates into a flower. This inflorescence is found in crops like potatoes, tomatoes, bell plants, egg plants, etc. These all come under family Nightshades.

Is Trifolium Zygomorphic?

Cassia, Trifolium & Pisum have zygomorphic flowers while Brassica has Actinomorphic flowers (Radial symmetry). So, the correct answer to this question is (4) Brassica is the flower that is found to have Radial symmetry.

What is Actinomorphic explain with example?

A actinomorphic flower is a type of flower that possesses radial symmetry. An actinomorphic flower can be divided into three or more identical parts, each of which are identical to each other when based on the rotating point of the center of the flower.

Is Lily Actinomorphic flower?

Actinomorphic flowers are also called radially symmetrical or regular flowers. Other examples of actinomorphic flowers are the lily (Lilium, Liliaceae) and the buttercup (Ranunculus, Ranunculaceae).

Is Sweet Pea Actinomorphic flower?

Its flowers are actinomorphic and grouped together in inflorescences that are generally round or globose. The petals of each individual flower are small and insignificant; the stamens, with their long, brightly colored filaments, are the showy parts of these flowers.

Is tomato a Actinomorphic flower?

Actinomorphic flowers exhibit radial symmetry. Examples of actinomorphic flowers are rose, tulip, mustard, datura, and tomato.

Is Chilli Actinomorphic?

EXPLANATION: Chilli is an actinomorphic flower. Actinomorphic flowers are radially symmetrical and they form mirror images when bisected into two similar halves.

What is Epicalyx flower?

An epicalyx, which forms an additional whorl around the calyx of a single flower, is a modification of bracteoles In other words, the epicalyx is a group of bracts resembling a calyx or bracteoles forming a whorl outer to the calyx. It is a calyx-like extra whorl of floral appendages.

Can a unisexual flower be Actinomorphic?

The flowers are bisexual or functionally unisexual, usually actinomorphic, often associated with conspicuous bracts that form an epicalyx. The perianth consists of usually 5 valvate, distinct or basally connate sepals and usually 5 distinct petals (sometimes lacking) that are often basally adnate to the androecium.

What is Perigynous flower give an example?

Perigynous flowers: The flowers in which gynoecium is situated in the center and other parts of the flower are located on the rim of the thalamus almost at the same level, they are called perigynous flowers. The ovary in the perigynous type of flowers is said to be half inferior, e.g., plum rose, peach.

What is Epipetalous condition?

Epipetalous is a condition in which the stamens are attached to petals of the flowers instead of being inserted directly over the thalamus. … In some plants like lily sepals and petals are the same which are called perianth and when anther is attached to perianth it called epiphyllous.