What Is Another Term For Complexity?

Not easy to understand or analyze because of being intricate: a complicated personality. com′pli·cat′ed·ly adv. com′pli·cat′ed·ness n.

What is an example of complexity?

The definition of a complexity is a difficulty, or a state of being confusing or complicated. Solving the problem of the war on drugs is an example of an issue of great complexity. The troubles that you have with your adult siblings are an example of the complexity of family relations.

Is complexity an adjective?

Included below are past participle and present participle forms for the verbs complex and complexify which may be used as adjectives within certain contexts. Made up of multiple parts; composite; not simple. Not simple, easy, or straightforward; complicated.

What is complex word?

A WORD consisting of a base and one or more derivational elements: unlikely (un-, like, -ly); vitality (vit-, -al, -ity).

Is complex an adverb?

The word complex lives up to its name, as it contains multiple parts of speech and senses. It serves as an adjective, a noun, and, less commonly, as a verb.

What are two types of complexities?

Warren Weaver posited in 1948 two forms of complexity: disorganized complexity, and organized complexity.

What is complexity in writing?

Complexity: Academic writing is more complex. It has longer words with varied vocabulary and usually complicated grammar, compared to spoken language.

What are complexities in literature?

characterized by a very complicated or involved arrangement of parts, units, etc.: complex machinery. 3. so complicated or intricate as to be hard to understand or deal with: a complex problem.

What are some complicated words?

As a follow up to our article on confusing words, here are ten of the most difficult words in English.

  • Literally. If you know a language purist, watch out. …
  • Ironic. …
  • Irregardless (instead of regardless) …
  • Whom. …
  • Colonel. …
  • Nonplussed. …
  • Disinterested. …
  • Enormity.

What is the difference between complexity and complicatedness?

If a problem is complex, it means that it has many components. Complexity does not evoke difficulty. On the other hand, complicated refers to a high level of difficulty. If a problem is complicated, there might be or might not be many parts but it will certainly take a lot of hard work to solve.

What does the word serenity?

Use serenity to mean the quality or state of being calm and peaceful. … Serenity is from Latin serenus, meaning “calm or peaceful,” plus the English suffix -ity, meaning “quality or state of.”

What does complexity meaning?

1 : the quality or condition of being difficult to understand or of lacking simplicity the complexity of a problem. 2 : something difficult to understand or lacking simplicity the complexities of business.

What is the opposite of slothfulness?

Opposite of tending to sloth. industrious. energetic. active. lively.

How do you write complexity?

7 Ways To Add Complexity

  1. Add Strange Restrictions. Tiny Time limits. …
  2. Restrictions Change Expectations. In all of these cases, let your class know your expectations change because of these restrictions. …
  3. Complicate The Content. From the tools of Depth and Complexity:

What is not academic writing?

Non Academic writing refers to a piece of writing which focuses on a general topic rather than any academic topic. … Non academic writing focuses on lay audience or the mass public. These types of articles are mostly personal, impressionistic, emotional, or subjective in nature.

What is the big 0 notation?

Big O notation is a mathematical notation that describes the limiting behavior of a function when the argument tends towards a particular value or infinity. … In computer science, big O notation is used to classify algorithms according to how their run time or space requirements grow as the input size grows.

What is a complexity scale?

This routine helps students build a more multi-dimensional mental model of a topic by identifying different aspects of the topic and considering their complexity. … The Complexity Scale is a good way to surface students’ conceptions so you can get a sense of how they understand the topic in its entirety.

What is big O time complexity?

Big O notation is the most common metric for calculating time complexity. It describes the execution time of a task in relation to the number of steps required to complete it. … A task can be handled using one of many algorithms, each of varying complexity and scalability over time.

What is a complex noun?

A complex noun is a compound noun that is formed when a noun is put together with another part of speech. E.g. hair (noun) + cut (verb) = haircut.

What is the verb of complex?

complexify. To make something more complex; to complicate.

What is a person’s complex?

The American Psychological Association defines complexes as a group or system of related ideas or impulses that have a common emotional tone and exert a strong but usually unconscious influence on the individual’s attitudes and behavior.