What Is Meant By Densely Populated?

Top 10 most densely populated countries and territories in the world, 2020:

  • Macau (SAR of China)- 19,737/km²
  • Monaco – 19,361/km²
  • Singapore – 8,019/km²
  • Hong Kong (SAR of China) – 7,126/km²
  • Gibraltar (CD of UK) – 3,369/km²
  • Bahrain – 2,182/km²
  • Maldives – 1,802/km²
  • Malta – 1,642/km²

What word describes an area that is lightly populated?

Lesson Summary. Sparsely populated simply means an area that contains few people. Areas are usually sparsely populated due to physical and human factors.

How do you say highly populated?


  1. crawling.
  2. crowded.
  3. dense.
  4. heavily populated.
  5. jammed.
  6. legion.
  7. many.
  8. multifarious.

Which areas are thickly populated?

Many of the world’s small island or isolated states have large populations for their size. Macao, Monaco, Singapore, Hong Kong and Gibraltar are the five most densely populated. Singapore has nearly 8,000 people per km2 – more than 200 times as dense as the US, and 2000 times that of Australia.

What is Russia’s population density?

Russia population is equivalent to 1.87% of the total world population. Russia ranks number 9 in the list of countries (and dependencies) by population. The population density in Russia is 9 per Km2 (23 people per mi2). The median age in Russia is 39.6 years.

What is Australia’s population density?

Compared with the population density of other countries such as that of the United States, which is 35.71 persons per square kilometre, Australia has only 3 persons/km2.

Which country is overpopulated?

China, with a population of 1.44 billion, is the most populous country worldwide. In 2019, over 60% of its population resided in urban centers, a trend that has seen the portion of city dwellers double over the last 25 years.

Is England overcrowded?

At 426 people/sq km, England is the most overcrowded large nation in Europe.

Is Japan densely populated?

Population Density

Japan is one of the most densely populated countries in the world with 337 people per square kilometer (899 people per square mile).

Is Gaza the most densely populated?

With around 1.85 million Palestinians on some 362 square kilometers, Gaza, if considered a top-level political unit, ranks as the 3rd most densely populated in the world.

What is low population density?

World population distribution is uneven. Places which are sparsely populated contain few people. Places which are densely populated contain many people. Sparsely populated places tend to be difficult places to live. … Population density is a measurement of the number of people in an area.

What is an example of population density?

Population density is the average number of individuals in a population per unit of area or volume. For example, a population of 100 insects that live in an area of 100 square meters has a density of 1 insect per square meter.

What is the population density of Japan?

The population density in Japan is 347 per Km2 (899 people per mi2). The median age in Japan is 48.4 years.

What is the population density of Canada?

In 2018, Canada had a population density of about 4 people per square kilometer. The country has one of the lowest population densities in the world, as the total population is very small in relation to the dimensions of the land.

What is the population density of Greenland?

Greenland population is equivalent to 0.00073% of the total world population. Greenland ranks number 209 in the list of countries (and dependencies) by population. The population density in Greenland is 0 per Km2 (0 people per mi2).

Is the Netherlands overpopulated?

People. With 17 million people and a population density of 488 people per km2, the Netherlands is the most densely populated country of the European Union and one of the mostly densely populated countries in the world.

Which areas of India are thickly populated and why?

Urban states and union territories in India have the highest population density among states and union territories in terms of this measure, with the most being in Delhi as per the 2011 Census, followed by Chandigarh, Puducherry, and Daman & Diu in that order. Delhi has a population density of 11,297 persons per sq km.

What do you call a highly populated city?

A megacity is a very large city, typically with a population of more than 10 million people. … A University of Bonn report held that they are “usually defined as metropolitan areas with a total population of 10 million or more people”.

Why are some areas heavily populated?

Areas with well developed farming of crops or animals are often densely populated. Areas with lots of jobs and opportunities for people to make money are usually densely populated.