What Is The Definition Of The Word Libertinism?

1 : having or involving many sexual partners : not restricted to one sexual partner or few sexual partners. 2 : not restricted to one class, sort, or person : indiscriminate education … cheapened through the promiscuous distribution of diplomas— Norman Cousins. 3 : casual, irregular promiscuous eating habits.

What is libertine attitude?

A libertine is someone who lives life unencumbered by morals. Although it can be used neutrally, often if someone calls you a libertine, they disapprove of your lack of morality.

How do you use libertine in a sentence?

Libertine in a Sentence ?

  1. My Uncle Charles is a libertine who lives with his four girlfriends.
  2. Because Warren is a drunken libertine, he often comes into work with a hangover.
  3. Mitch is the libertine who stole money from the church’s collection plate.

What is a mercenary person?

: one that serves merely for wages especially : a soldier hired into foreign service mercenaries who guaranteed the success of the rebellion — B. F. Reilly. mercenary. adjective. Definition of mercenary (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : serving merely for pay or sordid advantage : venal also : greedy.

What is libertine literature?

The libertine novel was a primarily 18th-century literary genre of which the roots lay in the European but mainly French libertine tradition. The genre effectively ended with the French Revolution. Themes of libertine novels were anti-clericalism, anti-establishment and eroticism.

What does the French word libertine mean?

libertine. More meanings for libertin. rakish adjective. élancé, débauché, dissolu, chic. wanton adjective.

Where does the word libertine come from?

The word libertine, which originally meant “freedman” when it appeared in 14th-century English, traces to the Latin libertus, a term that in Roman antiquity identified a slave who had been set free.

What does libertine mean in The Great Gatsby?

According to Merriam-Webster, a “libertine” is a person who behaves without any moral principles and is licentious, while a “prig” is a self-righteous person. Nick finds it amusing to watch an immoral, debased, violent individual preach and act self-righteous in front of Gatsby.

Is it okay to be promiscuous?

Promiscuity in adults has detrimental effects on physical health. As the number of sexual partners a person has in his or her lifetime increases, the higher the risk he or she contracts sexually transmitted diseases.

What is an example of promiscuous?

Promiscuity is the practice of engaging in sexual activity frequently with different partners or being indiscriminate in the choice of sexual partners. … A common example of behavior viewed as promiscuous by many cultures is the one-night stand, and its frequency is used by researchers as a marker for promiscuity.

How do you know if someone is promiscuous?

The 15 Red Flags Every Man Should Know

  1. #1 She can’t stay at home. / She’s a party girl. …
  2. #2 She has too many male friends. …
  3. #3 She has tattoos or piercings on interior body parts. …
  4. #4 She’s a (moderate to heavy) drinker. / She does recreational drugs. …
  5. #5 She’s a man hater. / She tests you to see if you’re man enough.

What is malfeasance?

: wrongdoing or misconduct especially by a public official The investigation has uncovered evidence of corporate malfeasance.

What does it mean philanderer?

: a man who has sexual relations with many women especially : a man who is unfaithful to his wife or partner …

When was libertinism founded?

If anyone dreams in glittery color, it’s Johnson Hartig, the founder and creative director of Libertine. Hartig launched the quirky Los Angeles-based fashion brand in 2001.

Who produced the Libertines?

37 in the UK Singles Chart. Their first album was recorded and produced by Mick Jones, formerly of The Clash.

What’s the meaning of Casanova?

: a man known for seducing women and having many lovers Women were terribly charmed by him; a veritable Casanova, he had five wives and literally dozens of mistresses …—

What does roué mean?

Roué means “broken on the wheel” in French and ultimately derives from Latin rota, meaning “wheel.” Since the wheel being referred to was an instrument of punishment, the French were implying that such dissolute beings deserved this punishment.

What does libidinous mean?

1 : having or marked by lustful desires : lascivious. 2 : libidinal.

What does Myrmidon mean in English?

1 capitalized : a member of a legendary Thessalian people who accompanied their king Achilles in the Trojan War. 2 : a loyal follower especially : a subordinate who executes orders unquestioningly or unscrupulously.

What does libertine mean in crossword?

Answer. One who is free from restraint (9)

What is a synonym of libertine?

licentious, lustful, libidinous, lecherous, lascivious, lubricious, dissolute, dissipated, debauched, immoral, wanton, shameless, degenerate, depraved, debased, profligate, promiscuous, unchaste, lewd, prurient, salacious, indecent, immodest, impure, carnal, intemperate, abandoned, unrestrained, unprincipled, reprobate.

What does mercenary marriage mean?

Marriage between a man of royal or noble birth and a woman of lesser status, with the stipulation that wife and children have no claims to his titles or possessions or dignity.

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