What Means Trunnion?

The trunnion is a fixed structural support that is part of or attached to the upper strut cylinder of a landing gear strut. It contains bearing surfaces so the gear can retract. While in the vertical gear down position, the trunnion is free to swing or pivot. Alone, it cannot support the aircraft without collapsing.

How does a trunnion work?

How do Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves Work? Trunnion mounted ball valves are quarter-turn valves. This means you need to turn the actuator on a 90-degree angle to turn the valve on or off. Once the actuator is turned the ball rotates so that the bore faces the pipeline and medium can flow freely.

What are trunnion bearings?

Trunnion bearings are very specialized bearing mechanisms. Sometimes, a shaft not only has to rotate, but the assembly connected to the shaft has to rotate as well. Other times, the shaft (trunnion) has to be free to move around in circular motions.

What are trunnions on a car?

The trunnion allows the spindle to rotate when the vehicle is steering, and allows for up-down movement of the control arms at the same time. Trunnion assemblies have been phased out in favor of upper/lower ball joints.

What is trunnion support?

A trunnion pipe support is a pipe support that reinforces pipe sections and stabilizes piping systems. … The trunnion is an additional pipe, similar to the size of your parent pipe, that is welded to an active piping system in order to add physical support.

What is trunnion force?

Trunnion bearings are very specialized bearing mechanisms. Sometimes, a shaft not only has to rotate, but the assembly connected to the shaft has to rotate as well. … Your shoulder joint is a trunnion bearing. Its a a ball-and-socket assembly, allowing your arm to rotate freely but still be firmly attached.

What are trunnions on a table saw?

In a table saw, it is the attachment point of the Circular Saw ‘s Arbor to the underside of the table. The primary adjustment point for aligning the saw blade to the miter slot on the top of the saw’s table, the Trunnion also handles the adjustment of the angles of the Blade .

What is a trunnion journal?

A newspaper or magazine dealing with a particular subject. (engineering) The part of a shaft or axle that rests on bearings.

What is a trunnion on a shotgun?

A trunnion is a firearm component that holds the barrel to the receiver. A trunnion can be also used as part of a quick barrel change device on machine guns. Trunnions could also use locking lugs for bolt heads on the likes of delayed blowback/gas operated automatic firearms.

Where does the word trunnion come from?

trunnion (n.)

“either of two round projections of a cannon,” 1620s, from French trognon “core of fruit, stump, tree trunk,” from Old French troignon (14c.), probably from Latin truncus (see trunk (n. 1)).

What is a Ternion?

archaic. : a set or group of three : triad, trio.

What is a trunnion mount cylinder?

Trunnion mounted cylinders are heavy duty pivoting cylinders with pintles mounted to the head, cap or intermediate position. Although superior to clevis or pivot mounted cylinders, they may still require stop tubes in long stroke applications.

What is trunnion tilt?

8.TRUNION TILT is the instantaneous inclination of the axis of the trunnions to the horizontal.

What is a trunnion mount fixture?

Trunnion mounts are brackets that allow flood lights to be affixed to a flat surface, such as a wall, roof soffit or a square pole. … These are used for affixing flood lights to a surface in order to illuminate a specific area.

What is a trunnion axle?

The trunnion axle configuration allows for placement of more wheels in the transverse direction than conventional axle configurations, which may be more or less favorable to preventing premature, load-induced damage on highway pavements and structures.

What is a bandsaw trunnion?

Trunnions allow the table’s axis of tilt to be aligned with the surface of the table so that the top of the table doesn’t move side-to-side with respect to the blade as it’s tilted. But if you are building this bandsaw, a temporary table is necessary so you can use the bandsaw to cut the trunnions for the actual table.

What is a pipe shoe?

Pipe shoes are a type of pipe support that elevates piping and insulates pipes from beams or other surfaces. … A quality pipe shoe will stop thermal expansion, which causes movement, high friction points, and damage.

What is stanchion support?

A pipe stanchion is a pipe support that is designed to stop movement in any direction and eliminate rotation in the system. These pipe supports prevent motion in all directions, so they keep piping from moving up, down, or sideways.

What is dummy support?

Dummy Supports

By contrast, a dummy support consists of a full piece of pipe that you weld to the back of an elbow. It props up your elbow and forms a bridge between the point where your pipe run changes direction and your closest support.

What is the middle part of a shotgun called?

Chamber. The chamber is the part of the gun where the shotshell sits. You can access the chamber from the side or top.