What Radio Stations Is Tony Blackburn On?

Tony Blackburn has been hosting the show since 4 March 2017. … The show returned live on 24 April 2021, On 10 April 2021 Sounds of the 60s was cancelled for the first time, due to the tragic death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh the previous day.

Is Tony Blackburn still on the radio?

He has also worked for Capital London and Classic Gold Digital, and currently BBC Radio 2, BBC Local Radio, and KMFM. He has also had a singing career. In 2002 Blackburn was the winner of the British reality TV series I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

What time is Tony Blackburn on radio?

BBC Radio 2 – Tony Blackburn’s Golden Hour – Every Friday, 7pm | Facebook.

Where does Tony Blackburn live now?

Mr Blackburn, who lives in Arkley, Barnet, in the Hertfordshire part of the borough, has been regularly sharing his pearls of wisdom with Twitter users by doing short videos called Tony’s Tips. This features him going on walks, appreciating his chair and socially-distancing while out and about.

What is Tessa Wyatt doing now?

Today, Tessa is happily married to Bill Harkness, who is a property developer, and they have a daughter Joanna aged 31 and a son Jack (29).

Who presents Sounds of the Sixties on Radio 2?

Sounds of the 60s with Tony Blackburn.

Who presented Tune on Radio 1?

Our Tune is a long-standing feature/segment on British radio presented by broadcaster Simon Bates. Having begun by at least 1979 it was originally part of his mid-morning show on BBC Radio 1, where it aired daily throughout the 1980s and early 1990s.

What was the first song played on Radio Caroline?

Radio Caroline’s first musical theme was Jimmy McGriff’s “Round Midnight”, a jazz standard co-composed by Thelonious Monk. In March 1964, The Fortunes recorded Caroline, which became the station’s theme. Round Midnight was confined to closedown on Radio Caroline North after The World Tomorrow.

What was the first record played on Radio 1?

The first song played on Radio 1 was Flowers In The Rain by The Move. Over on Radio 2, it was Julie Andrews singing The Sound Of Music. 5.

Why did Tony Blackburn and Tessa break up?

But four years after saying “I do”, their marriage collapsed after Tony ‘s affair with a neighbour was exposed. Following Tessa’s decision to move out of the family home, Tony began pouring his heart on during his Radio 1 breakfast show – which was listened to by 20million people.

Is Tony Blackburn a vegetarian?

Tony Blackburn is a vegetarian DJ, UK

English disc jockey who broadcast on “pirate” stations Radio Caroline and Radio London in the 1960s and was the first disc jockey to launch and broadcast on BBC Radio 1 in 1967.

What was Tony Blackburns dog called?

Legendary radio DJ Tony Blackburn has been reunited with his long lost dog Arnold after the animal went missing more than 20-years-ago. Arnold, a mongrel, was just a puppy when Tony Blackburn took him aboard the 60s pirate radio ship Radio Caroline in 1964.