Where Can I Find Yttrium?

Yttrium is found in the rare-earth mineral monazite, of which it makes 2.5%, and in smaller quantities in other minerals such as barnasite, fergusonite and smarskite. The output of yttrium is about 600 tonnes per year, measured as yttrium oxide, and world reserves are estimated to be around 9 million tonnes.

Is yttrium a rare earth element?

The rare earth elements (REE) are a set of seventeen metallic elements. These include the fifteen lanthanides on the periodic table plus scandium and yttrium.

How is yttrium obtained?

Commercially, yttrium is separated from the other rare earths by liquid-liquid or ion-exchange extraction, and the metal is produced by metallothermic reduction of the anhydrous fluoride with calcium. … Yttrium compounds are used in optical glasses and as catalysts.

What is yttrium worth?

Yttrium is currently worth $3,400 per pound, europium costs $20,000 per 100 grams and terbium sells for $1,800 per 100 grams. Dysprosium, the cheapest of the rare-earth elements discovered, only costs $450 per 100 grams.

How do you speak yttrium?

Break ‘yttrium’ down into sounds: + + – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them. Record yourself saying ‘yttrium’ in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen.

What are fun facts about yttrium?

Interesting Yttrium Facts:

This mineral was found in Ytterby, Sweden, giving it its name. In 1828, Friedrich Wohler extracted an impure sample of yttrium by reducing anhydrous chloride and potassium. Yttrium is a transition metal that is often called a rare earth element.

What elements does yttrium bond with?

Yttrium is very reactive towards the halogens fluorine, F2, chlorine, Cl2 bromine, Br2, and iodine, I2, and burns to form the trihalides yttrium(III) fluoride, YF3 , yttrium(III) chloride, YCl3, yttrium(III) bromide, YBr3, and yttrium(III) iodide, YI3 respectively.

What can you do with yttrium?

Yttrium is often used as an additive in alloys. It increases the strength of aluminium and magnesium alloys. It is also used in the making of microwave filters for radar and has been used as a catalyst in ethene polymerisation. Yttrium-aluminium garnet (YAG) is used in lasers that can cut through metals.

Is yttrium toxic to humans?

* Yttrium can affect you when breathed in. * Yttrium can irritate the eyes on contact. * Breathing Yttrium may irritate the lungs causing coughing and/or shortness of breath. * Repeated exposure to Yttrium may cause permanent scarring of the lungs (pneumoconiosis).

What is scandium used for?

Scandium is mainly used for research purposes. It has, however, great potential because it has almost as low a density as aluminium and a much higher melting point. An aluminium-scandium alloy has been used in Russian MIG fighter planes, high-end bicycle frames and baseball bats.

How many isotopes does yttrium have?

There are 44 isotopes yttrium that are recognized(1). Yttrium-89 is naturally occurring and is stable(2). Yttrium-76 through 88 and yttrium-90 through 107 are artificially produced and are radioactive(2).

How is yttrium used in everyday life?

Yttrium can be used as an additive to strengthen metals, like aluminum and magnesium alloys. It’s also used to help make microwave filters, high-temperature superconductors, oxygen sensors, white LED lights, and metal-cutting lasers. When added to camera lenses, the camera lenses become heat and shock resistant.

How do the British pronounce iodine?

5 Answers. Manshu is correct,in British English we pronounce iodine as in seen while in North American English we pronounce it as in mine. Or we could just use German. In German they do not use the suffix for halogens at all so that “iodine” is just “Jod”.

What is the cheapest element to buy?

Chlorine, sulfur and carbon (as coal) are cheapest by mass. Hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and chlorine are cheapest by volume at atmospheric pressure. When there is no public data on the element in its pure form, price of a compound is used, per mass of element contained.

How much is Rare Earth worth?

The estimated value of rare-earth compounds and metals imported by the United States in 2019 was $170 million, an increase from $160 million in 2018.

What is the most expensive element on earth?

The most expensive natural element is francium. Although francium occurs naturally, it decays so quickly that it cannot be collected for use. Only a few atoms of francium have been produced commercially, so if you wanted to produce 100 grams of francium, you could expect to pay a few billion U.S. dollars for it.