Where Did Mary Wakefield Go To School?

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Where does Humphry Wakefield live?

Sir Humphry Wakefield’s family have lived on the same lands in the Lake District for 400 years, just half the length of time the Greys have lived at Chillingham and their other surrounding castles. The Hon.

Who lived in Chillingham Castle?

This ancient and remarkable fortress is the family home of Sir Humphry Wakefield Bt. and The Hon. Lady Wakefield. Since 1246, the castle has been owned by one continuous bloodline relating back to the Earls Grey.

Do people live in Chillingham Castle?

Chillingham Castle offers holidaymakers the rare and disappearing experience of staying in a true medieval fortress. There are some fine apartments to let in the actual castle and in the castle’s near-at-hand Coaching Rooms, where the coaches and horses were once kept.

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