Where Did Phrase Drunk As A Skunk Come From?

US informal (UK drunk as a lord) extremely drunk: Andy staggered in last night drunk as a skunk. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

What does drunk as a coot mean?

The Origin of the Phrase “Drunk as Cooter Brown” Dates Back from the American Civil War and Refers to a Heavy Drinker Who Escaped Being Drafted Due to His Continuous Intoxication.

Where does the saying queer as a coot come from?

So does queer as a coot, which the slang authority Jonathon Green attributes to Julian Maclaren-Ross, a frequenter of London pubs before, during and after the Second World War. The OED attributes the first written use of queer as a pejorative for a homosexual man to 1894.

Do skunks really get drunk?

Skunks do not get drunk. Skunks get funky, but do people say, “You got the funk of a skunk?” No, they say “drunk as a skunk.” It is time for sober skunks across the land to rise up on their hind legs and proclaim “We stink, don’t drink, get used to it.”

What is skunk the drug?

1. Skunk—A form of marijuana, a slang term usually used to mean the dried leaves and stalks of the plant. 2. Hash or Hashish—The hard resin extract from the marijuana plant which when processed is a block of dark brown, black, red or gold substance.

What does stinking drunk mean?

Extremely drunk; so drunk that one stinks of alcohol. If you’re going to keep coming home stinking drunk each night, then you can just find somewhere else to live!

Are skunks rodents or felines?

North and South American Skunks are carnivorous mammals, but they’re not rodents. Scientists originally placed them into the weasel subfamily, Mustelidae. Members of that family include ferrets, badgers, minks, otters, wolverines, and several others. Rodents belong to the mammalian group, Rodentia.

What does sober as a judge mean?

Definition of (as) sober as a judge

: not at all drunk : completely sober.

How do skunks work?

After the skunk’s first defense mechanism of stomping, hissing, and puffing, it’s time for them to initiate “plan b,” spray attack! To spray, skunks turn around, form their backs into a horseshoe shape, lift their tail, and release. If you ever see a skunk in this position…

What is the lifespan of a skunk?

Skunks are nocturnal. The average lifespan of striped skunks in the wild is 7 years. They can live up to 10 years in human care.

Why skunk smells so bad?

Skunks are small, but they can be smelly! The reason skunks smell bad is because of a gland under their tail that produces and sprays their stink. The stinky spray is an oily liquid primarily made up of a substance called thiols, with a sulfur component that is the earmark of the signature skunk odor.

Where do skunks go during the day?

Skunk Habits, Diet and Biology

They usually spend their days sleeping in dens, although during the warm months they may bed in vegetation. Dens are usually below ground but may be found in a stream or pond banks, lumber piles, or beneath porches or in crawl spaces.

Is stinking a bad word?

Frequently Asked Questions About stinking

Some common synonyms of stinking are fetid, fusty, malodorous, musty, noisome, putrid, and rank. While all these words mean “bad-smelling,” stinking and fetid suggest the foul or disgusting.

Is stinking a real word?

that smells foul; foul-smelling. Slang. very drunk; plastered.

What does a powerful stink mean?

1 : a strong offensive odor : stench. 2 : a public outcry against something : fuss made a big stink when asked to leave.

What does skunk do to your brain?

Smoking high potency ‘skunk-like’ cannabis can damage a crucial part of the brain responsible for communication between the two brain hemispheres, according to a new study by scientists from King’s College London and Sapienza University of Rome.

What are the dangers of skunk?

Skunk is made from from unpollinated cannabis plants which naturally contain higher levels of THC – the substance that gives recreational users the ‘stoned’ feelings they seek from the drug, but can also cause nasty side effects, including paranoia and hallucinations.

What kills the smell of skunk?

Chemist Paul Krebaum discovered a solution that changes the odorous thiols into odorless acids, thereby chemically neutralizing the skunk odor. The formula is: 1 quart of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide (fresh bottle), • ¼ cup of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), and • 1-2 teaspoons of liquid dish soap.

Will a skunk chase you?

Skunks are relatively docile and harmless animals who tend to mind their own business as long as they remain undisturbed. Generally, a healthy skunk will not chase you as skunks tend to avoid humans or animals that are larger than them. Use scent repellents to keep skunks away from you.

Is smelling skunk bad for you?

Respiratory problems – Skunk odor can cause breathing issues. People with conditions that affect their respiratory systems, such as COPD or asthma, may have problems breathing. Eye problems – If the spray hits your face, it could cause eye irritation, itching or burning.

Do skunks spray pee?

N-butyl mercaptan, more commonly known simply as “skunk spray,” is produced by special glands surrounding two sacs in the skunk’s anus. As the glands produce skunk spray — a yellow-tinged liquid sometimes mistaken for urine — it builds up and is stored in these sacs.

What states is it illegal to own a skunk?

It is currently legal to own domesticated skunks in only 17 states: Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Are skunks friendly?

When born and raised in captivity, skunks can make for friendly, intelligent, and unique pets. They can learn to be comfortable when handled by people, and they can be quite playful and cuddly. … Housing a pet skunk can be somewhat difficult, as skunks tend to be curious animals that like to get into mischief.

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