Where Do I Turn In Bijous?

A bijou is “a small, exquisitely wrought trinket”. As of patch 1.11 bijou are only used in A Bijou for Zanza, which can be repeated to gain reputation with the Zandalar Tribe. If you want to destroy a bijou, do not just destroy it like any other item (some have made this mistake.)

What do I do with the Razzashi coin?

All of these coins are random drops throughout the instance. They can be traded so you can trade one coin for another or buy them off the auction hall pretty cheap. 3.5 gold per coin currently on Blackhand PVE realm.

Where do I turn in gurubashi coin?


  • Where do you turn them in?
  • The island is called Yojamba Isle and is located at 15,16 in Stranglethorn Vale.
  • 25points per turn in, and the Token 50points, 75 points total.

Do ZG coins work in TBC?

You can hand in ZG Coins in exchange for experience points. … Some players have even been farming up ZG Coins with a plan to use them for a level boost in TBC. However, Blizzard has now announced that ZG Coins will not work in TBC.

What do you get from gurubashi arena?

The Arena is an old relic of the mighty Gurubashi Empire, which once controlled vast tracts of land in the southern regions of the Eastern Kingdoms. The Gurubashi Arena provides ruffians a shot at competition, fame, and treasure.

When can I turn in ZG coins?

A guildie mentioned that you can powerlevel by turning in ZG coins, which made me curious. The quest is available at level 58, and gives 660 XP per turnin (source).

How many coins do you need for ZG rep?

Bijous are 75 rep + token for 50 rep, so 125 total. 3x coins are 25 rep + token.

How much rep is a ZG coin?

You can mainly earn reputation for the Zandalar Tribe by killing trash and bosses in the Zul’Gurub raid instance. Each full run of Zul’Gurub gives around 2400 to 3000 reputation.

How many Bijous is 58 60?

You’re going to need to turn in the three coin set 638 times in order to get from 58 to 60. That means you’ll need 638 of EACH coin in the three coin set.

Where do I turn in Primal Hakkari Sash?

It can be exchanged at various NPCs at Yojamba Isle for the following items:

Where do I turn in ZG armor tokens?

As you kill mobs and bosses inside Zul’Gurub, you’ll have a chance to collect various colored Bijous that drop. You may turn these in to Vinchaxa on Yojamba Isle to complete A Bijou for Zanza, by completing Destroy Bijou, to receive a Zandalar Honor Token.

How do I get Zandalari Rep fast?

Gaining reputation with Zandalari Empire is relatively simple: Quest through Zuldazar. Also, after reaching Friendly, you then unlock World Quests in Zuldazar at level 120 for additional reputation. You can unlock world quests by reaching level 120 and completing the Uniting Zandalar.

What do you need for ZG enchants?

You need Zandalar Tribe faction and two items to get your class enchant:

  • Zandalar Tribe faction: Friendly. You can get friendly with 1 full clear of Zul’Gurub.
  • 1x Punctured Voodoo Doll for your class. These have a chance to be looted from Jinxed Hoodoo Piles inside Zul’Gurub. …
  • 1x Primal Hakkari Idol.

What are the ZG coins called?

The Coins of the Tribes (also called “Zul’Gurub coins”) are lesser Paragons of Power from fallen troll empires. Each coin represents a separate troll tribe.

Where should I level at 58?

Here are the best leveling zones for 58-60.

  • Silithus. The home of two high-end raids, Silithus is a fine option for Horde players. …
  • Eastern Plaguelands. …
  • Winterspring.

Do ZG coins work in prepatch?

They removed the xp from the coins in the original tbc prepatch. You can go look up the archived thottbot pages for the quests, they have no xp values listed.

How long does it take to open gurubashi chest?

It will take about a minute for the chest to actually appear, which is plenty of time to ride in. A stealthed rogue or druid can help scout for the main group. One final tactic is to corpse-run to the arena on the day that a server first opens.

How long does it take to open the Gurubashi Arena chest?

The time it takes to open it is 10 seconds, and while you try to open it you might get attacked by other enemies down there, and you need to try opening it again. Sometimes you are alone at arena, that will be between 09.00-15.00, due to that people are at work.

How long does Gurubashi Arena chest last?

it despawns 1 minute before next chest spawns. however, if it has been opened, it despawns after 8 minutes.

Is Leveling faster in TBC Classic?

Its actually quite a bit faster than in classic vanilla. Even though the xp required from 20 to 60 was reduced by 30%, the leveling is faster by more than 30% because a lot of quests, quest hubs and flight pathes were also added.

Will TBC have guild bank?

They’re going to come into the game in a future patch, and we’re working to make that happen sooner than it would have if we’d followed the original patch progression (guild banks were originally in the same patch as Zul’Aman). …

Do Bijou turn ins give XP?

You don’t gain exp from breaking bijous. Went to exalted at 58. Only thing that gave exp were the ZG armament hand-ins and the neck upgrade.

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