Who Clothes Did Alex’s Dad Burn?

But now your major question, why he burned it? Most probably to protect Alex and indicating he knows the truth. We can’t be sure that his cloth had no blood on them, Bruce was wounded when he was throwing him and Standall being a cop can’t take chances.

What did Alex’s dad find in his drawer?

Episode 13: Mr.

Standall finds what look like alcohol wipes in Alex’s drawer, which his wife tells him is a consumer brand — meaning Alex went out of his way to buy them. This makes Mr. Standall even more suspicious of his own son.

What did Standall burn in the end?

In the finale we find out that Alex killed Bryce (after he had been thoroughly roughed up by Zach), Monty is killed off-screen (apparently by a fellow prisoner) and Ani and Alex’s father, Deputy Standall, hatch a plan to pin Bryce’s murder on Monty (Ani provides a false witness account, and Standall burns Alex’s

Who Framed Monty?

One morning, when Clay and his friends come to school, they find that someone had vandalised the school’s office door by spray painting “Monty was framed” on it. Clay looks at this as cluelessly as every other student. But in truth, it was Clay who spray-painted the door.

Did Sheriff Diaz know that Alex killed Bryce?

However, Sheriff Diaz did know that Alex was involved. In the end, he told Deputy Standall that everything about the Bryce Walker case was going into permanent storage. It was a hint that Diaz knew Standall destroyed evidence to protect his son and Diaz was going to go along with that.

Who plays Alex Standall’s dad in 13 Reasons Why?

Mark Pellegrino as Officer Standall, Alex’s Dad | Did You Recognize All the Parents in 13 Reasons Why?

How did Bryce ruin Zach’s life?

Season 3. During the homecoming game, Zach’s knee is busted by Bryce Walker, meaning that he can never play football again and ruining Zach’s dreams. As a result, he brutally beats Bryce before his murder, but doesn’t kill him.

What did Tyler do to his parents?

Shortly before 5:00 p.m., Tyler took his parents’ cell phones. He took three pills of ecstasy and then stood behind his mother, Mary-Jo while she worked at the family computer. He began to beat her to death with a hammer.

What does Alex Standalls dad burn?

After the deputy tells Alex that police have settled on Monty as the killer, we see Standall standing in an alley burning some clothing. It appears the items are the clothes Alex was wearing the night Bryce was murdered (the shearling collar jacket and flannel shirt match if you look closely at the flashback).

Where does Zach Dempsey go to college?

Zach Dempsey – Men’s Soccer – Linfield University Athletics.

Did Zach quit the squad?

Zach may not be in the Squad anymore, due to being the only one’s room not shown in the Squad museum, and not appearing in the videos.

What did Hannah do Ryan?

Ryan and Hannah used to read each other’s poetry and try to discern their meanings. When Hannah shared a particularly stirring and poignant poem, Ryan betrayed her and published her poem anonymously without her permission.

What did Zach whisper to clay at the party?

When Zach notices a girl staring at Clay, he gives him advice on what to whisper in her ear to get laid. … The two end up fighting and Clay punches him repeatedly before Zach pulls him off. Then he storms off after telling Diego and Winston “I will end you.” Zach sees Chlöe for a moment.

Does Alex go to jail for killing Bryce?

Winston contemplates exposing him, but he decides not to because he’d fallen in love with Alex. The cops also officially close Bryce’s case, ensuring that Alex is free to live his life while off at Berkeley.

Who is Officer Diaz daughter?

Valerie Diaz is the daughter of Sheriff Diaz and the girl Clay lost his virginity to. At a party, she flirts with Clay and later has sex with him.

Who is Heidi 13 Reasons Why?

13 Reasons Why (TV Series 2017–2020) – Veronica St. Clair as Heidi – IMDb.

Who killed Montgomery de la Cruz?

Monty was sent to prison after assaulting Tyler with a broom in season two. Clay is later told by Monty – the hallucination not the real person! – that when the other prisoners found out that Monty was a “child rapist”, he was attacked with a shiv, bled out, and died as a result.

Who killed Justin Foley?

Recommended. It turns out that Justin, who is a recovering heroin addict, dies after contracting HIV, which develops into AIDS. One scene sees doctors attribute Justin’s contraction to his use of a syringe as well as his time as a sex worker while living on the streets, which left fans deeply unimpressed.

Who set Clay up in season 4?

At first, Clay turned around and believed that he was seeing Bryce. However, a few seconds later, it’s revealed that it is actually Diego. The rest of the football team joined him and they revealed that they have all been calling him by using an app that lets them hide their real number and replace it with another.

Who is Levi in InquisitorMaster?

Levi is one of the seven main members of The Squad and a recurring member of Princess Alex. He made his first appearance in “Among Us NEW INVISIBLE POTION MOD!.”

Is Jade from InquisitorMaster Gabby?

Jade is a type of green rock (also known as jadeite) which ties in with her name and color. When she first came into The Squad, many people thought she was voiced by Lyssy. However, this is false, as Jade is actually voiced by Gaby.

Who is Alex dating from InquisitorMaster?

Alex is dating fellow content creator Zachary Zaxor.

Did Clay actually crash Zach’s car?

Clay is amazed by the car’s power and speed, and when Zach encourages him to go faster, Clay dissociates, flooring the gas. As they approach a sharp turn, Zach panics and is able to snap Clay out if it, but its too late; the two of them drive over the road’s steep shoulder and crash, leaving Zach’s car totaled.

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