Who Does Caroline End Up With?

Alaric Saltzman and Jo Laughlin’s wedding. Alaric and Jo’s wedding took place in I’ll Wed You in the Golden Summertime.

Does Caroline marry Alaric after Stefan dies?

In the end, Caroline initially chooses to stay with Alaric. Knowing better however, Alaric tells Caroline to go after Stefan. Caroline and Alaric end up breaking off their engagement and Caroline gets back together with Stefan, ending this love triangle.

Who does Caroline marry in the end?

Eventually in Season 8, Stefan becomes human. Caroline and Stefan got married in a ceremony performed by Stefan’s Brother Damon, who got a certified ordained minister certification, to lure out Katherine Pierce, her nemesis.

Who does Rebekah end up with?

Although Rebekah Mikaelson (Claire Holt) was granted her happy ending with Marcel Gerard, the details of her being able to take ‘the cure’ and live a mortal life with Marcel were a little baffling.

Who ends up with Tyler Lockwood?

Tyler eventually falls in love with Caroline, but when Jules, another werewolf, comes to town and tells Tyler that Caroline and two other vampires, Stefan and Damon Salvatore, are responsible for his uncle’s death, Tyler feels betrayed.

Who is the mother of Alaric’s twins?

Alaric and Caroline are the first couple ever to birth babies from a vampire’s womb (Caroline as a surrogate mother). Josette Laughlin is the twins’ biological mother. She died however during Alaric and Jo’s wedding.

Does Elena have baby?

Damon and Elena have a daughter. And her name is Stefanie Salvatore. It’s beautiful news because the last time we saw Damon and Elena, they were happy and living their best lives.

Who did Alaric love the most?

Something changed Caroline and she stopped caring about Stefan and focused on Alaric and the two little girls. Eventually Alaric fell in love with Caroline and proposed to her. Although Caroline does not return those feelings, she still said ‘yes’ because it would be the best for Lizzie and Josie.

What happens at Alaric and Jo’s wedding?

The Alaric/Jo wedding truly was a bloodbath, as the finale officially confirmed that Kai (Chris Wood) killed Jo (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) — and possibly Alaric’s (Matt Davis) will to live — and her unborn babies. Leaning into his role of the villain, Kai had no problem killing everyone at the wedding, including himself.

Who married Klaus?

The British star, 33, who has played formidable vampire-werewolf Klaus Mikaelson on both CW series, married former costar Persia White in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, on July 5, his rep confirmed the to The Times.

Is Caroline a legacy?

Caroline’s absence is Legacies is noticeable, as she’s the mother of two of the main characters, Josie and Lizzie Saltzman, and the founder of the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted. Fans will recall Caroline was Josie and Lizzie’s surrogate in The Vampire Diaries.

In what episode does Caroline get pregnant?

At the end of the shocker of an episode “Best Served Cold,” we found out something truly life-changing for the college student (yes, as we were reminded last week, she’s still in school!). Caroline Forbes is pregnant!

What episode did Caroline kiss Alaric?

The Vampire Diaries: 7×20 – Caroline kisses Alaric in front of Stefan and ignores him | Vampire diaries, Vampire, Tvd.

Is Alaric Klaus?

Alaric/Klaus takes Elena and Bonnie away and reveals them that he is Klaus.

Is Silas a Stefan?

The season 4 finale of The Vampire Diaries, fans learned Elena and Katherine weren’t the only doppelgangers. Stefan came face to face with Silas, who revealed that Stefan was Silas’ shadow self. … Stefan’s relationship with Silas was as antagonistic as Elena’s was with Katherine.

Who kills Jeremy Gilbert?

Jeremy was killed by Damon and Johnathan was killed by Stefan. In Season 1, Jeremy dated two vampires (Vicki and Anna) who were killed in the final episodes of a chapter (Huanted and Founder’s Day). They both appear to him as ghosts at the end of season two.

Does Rebekah have baby?

Natalia Grace Mikaelson is the daughter and niece of Original vampires, the granddaughter of a very powerful witch, and the daughter of a werewolf father who died when she was just an infant. …

Do Kol and Davina get married in The Originals?

Kol and Davina then leave New Orleans to see the world together. In Season Five, it is revealed the two married each other. Later during the season, both try to help their niece, Hope Mikaelson, be cured of the Hollow’s dark magic. However, Davina revealed to Klaus, Kol’s older half-brother, that Hope is beyond a cure.

Who killed Freya in The Originals?

She was poisoned, her brothers bitten by Marcel, and Rebekah hexed. Seeing no other choice in saving her family, Freya used Klaus as an anchor to a spell similar to the one Dahlia had cast on her to keep her breathing for a thousand years.

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