Who Does Cyrus End Up With?

In the season 2 premiere, Iris and Cyrus kiss.

Who did Cyrus end up with in Andi Mack?

Appropriately, Cyrus (Joshua Rush) and TJ (Luke Mullen) were reunited in the finale, which also wrapped up an on-again, off-again romance involving Andi’s friend Buffy (Sofia Wylie).

Does Cyrus get a boyfriend?

On February 8, 2019, Disney revealed through Andi’s Texts on DisneyNow that Andi and Buffy have noticed that TJ likes Cyrus. … TJ and Cyrus’ first romantic gesture is a hand hold. Both Joshua Rush and Luke Mullen confirmed that Tyrus is canon and that they are boyfriends.

Did Cyrus kiss TJ?

A lot of that story, a lot of that journey between Cyrus and TJ was subtext, and I think that whatever they were saying to each other, they weren’t actually saying in words. “And even that final conversation isn’t explicit. … “In terms of the story, it didn’t need a kiss.

What episode does Cyrus say he likes Jonah?

Cyrus reveals to Buffy that he has a crush on Jonah in Hey, Who Wants Pizza? and to Andi in Cyrus’ Bash-Mitzvah!. In Keep a Lid On It, however, Cyrus reveals that his crush on Jonah has gone away for good.

Is Andi Mack on Netflix?

Andi Mack isn’t on Netflix and probably won’t be anytime soon, but Disney has a whole website dedicated to streaming our favorite shows.

Does Buffy move on Andi Mack?

Buffy confirms that she is moving because of her mother’s new promotion. She will have to move all the way to Phoenix, Arizona. Since Cyrus and Andi don’t want to lose Buffy, they ask if she could stick around at least for the summer.

How did Andi Mack end?

The show ends its run with Andi grappling with the possibility of leaving her friends for art school. “I didn’t want to end with a cliffhanger. I believe people will miss Andi and her friends and her family,” creator and co-executive producer Terri Minsky tells Variety.

What season does Cyrus come out?

Cyrus Goodman, played by Joshua Rush, comes out to one of his best friends Jonah Beck (Asher Angel) in the episode “One in a Minyan.” When Cyrus’ grandmother dies he invites his friends to attend her shiva.

Does Andi Mack end up with Jonah?

The finale was pretty emotional. For those who missed it, Andi got accepted into art school! As for her and Jonah, the former lovebirds didn’t formally get back together, but they did share a sweet little moment that offered hope for the future.

Does Buffy like Walker?

Buffy admits to having a crush, but she doesn’t admit that it’s Walker yet. All she says is that Andi can’t know.

Where can I find Andi Mack for free?

Andi Mack | YouTube TV (Free Trial)

Where can you find Andi Mack?

To start watching Andi Mack, you can subscribe to Disney+ today for $6.99 a month or $69.99 per year. Or you can get the service as part of a special value bundle with ESPN+ and Hulu for $12.99 a month in total. Disney+ is available to watch through the following devices: Roku streaming devices.

Will Andi Mack have a Season 4?

On April 24, 2019, Andi Mack announced that its third season is its final season, and has no plans to develop a season 4. The series finale premiered on July 26. Note that Andi Mack has the most viewership. … Fun fact: Andi Mack went on to win the GLAAD Media Award and the Television Academy Honors in 2018.

Does Jonah and Cyrus date?

It was TV history made in a moment. Goofy 13-year-old Cyrus Goodman came out as gay by confiding to his good friend Buffy that he had a crush on a boy. That boy is cool kid Jonah Beck, who just started dating Cyrus and Buffy’s best friend, Andi Mack. The show is the Disney Channel’s hit tween dramedy, Andi Mack.

How old is Cyrus in Andi Mack?

The character – 13-year-old Cyrus Goodman, played by 15-year-old Joshua Rush – will begin his self-discovery in this Friday’s second season one-hour premiere episode. “Andi Mack is a story about ‘tweens’ figuring out who they are,” said Disney Channel in a statement.

Is the girl on Andi Mack really deaf?

Libby is the first deaf character on Disney Channel. She is also portrayed by a deaf actress.

Is Andi Mack a boy?

Andi Mack is a Disney Channel Original Series developed by Terri Minsky who is also known for another Disney Channel show, Lizzie McGuire. The series revolves around a teenage girl, Andi Mack, whose world turns upside down when her cool older sister Bex reveals that she’s actually Andi’s mother.

Does Andi and Walker date?

Walker and Buffy met in For the Last Time when Walker offered to draw the Good Hair Crew as a going away present. She developed a crush on him. They started texting and face-timing during the summer between Season 2 and Season 3. They started officially dating in The Boys Are Back when Andi say she was okay with it.

Who is Marty in Andi Mack?

Marty is a recurring character on Andi Mack. He is a student at Jefferson Middle School and a member of the school’s boys’ track field team. Marty is portrayed by Garren Stitt.