Who Is Juleka Dating?

Ebon Hawk Autopilot

An AU where Adrien is about 4 years older than Marinette. They’re both at the same university and he’s the TA for one of her classes.

Is Chloe an Antibug?

With anger and sadness, Chloe is influenced by Hawk Moth and turns into Antibug. When Chloes best friend Sabrina is akumatized into the Vanisher, Chloe tries to explain to Ladybig during her fight with the villain where the akuma is. … Weeping in tears, Chloe is influenced by Hawk Moth and turns into Antibug.

What episode of miraculous is vanisher?

In “Antibug”, after a furious Chloé ignores her and pretends that she’s invisible, Sabrina is akumatized by Hawk Moth and becomes Vanisher, an invisibility themed supervillain.

Who is Chloé Bourgeois in love with?

Chloé hugs Adrien. Chloé, who is friends with Adrien, knew him before he started attending her school and currently has a huge crush on him. She only loves Adrien for his wealth; if he was not wealthy, she would probably treat him like everyone else. She is always showering him with affection.

What is Marinette’s birthday?

Marinette’s Birthday is on the 9th of July, and she was born in 2003.

Is Alya black?

Physical appearance. Alya is a Martiniquan Creole-French girl with the height of 5’5″ and a curvaceous body. She has heart-shaped lips, hazel eyes, and a mole above her forehead. Her hair is wavy and reddish-brown ombre, growing slightly past her shoulders and having light copper-red tips.

How old is master Fu in miraculous ladybug?

Fu claims that he is 186 years old, making him the oldest known human character in the series.

What does Rose have in Miraculous?

When the Miraculous is inhabited by Daizzi, Rose becomes Pigella, a pig-themed superhero who helps Ladybug and Cat Noir ‘during particularly different missions’ in the fourth season and beyond. It is also revealed she got sick when she was younger, and the sickness can reappear at any second.

Are Marc and Nathaniel a couple?

Trivia. Feri González confirmed on Twitter that Marc identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ community and has a “fondness” for Nathaniel.

What illness does Rose have in Miraculous?

Does This Remind You of Anything?: Rose “got sick” as a child, and even though she overcame her illness she still suffers from headaches which are worrisome enough that she always goes to the hospital when the symptoms appear. And Juleka says that although Rose is fine now, the illness can come back at any moment.

Is Alix a Bunnix?

In “Timetagger”, it’s revealed that Alix will receive the Rabbit Miraculous in the future. When the Miraculous is inhabited by Fluff, she becomes Bunnyx, a rabbit-themed superhero.

What is Chloe’s Akumatized name?

Later in “Queen Wasp“, after a failed attempt at trying to impress her mother, Chloé is once again akumatized by Hawk Moth and becomes Queen Wasp, a wasp-themed villain. In “Mayura”, during the fight with Scarlet Moth, Queen Bee is reakumatized into a scarlet version of Queen Wasp.

What is Kagami’s Akumatized name?

In “Riposte“, after Kagami mistakenly thinks that she lost the fencing battle with Adrien, she is akumatized by Hawk Moth into Riposte, a fencing themed villain.

Who is Marinette’s boyfriend?

Adrien Agreste is the main male protagonist of the series as well as Marinette’s partner and main love interest. In their civilian identities, Marinette is head over heels for Adrien, albeit unaware of such feelings. Her feeling are predominantly shown whenever she interacts with her friend.

Who is Rena furtive?

Type of Hero

Alya Césaire is one of the two secondary deuteragonists (alongside Carapace) of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. She is a student at Collége Françoise Dupont, the admin of the Ladyblog, the head of the school blog, and Marinette Dupain-Cheng’s best friend.

What race is Lila from miraculous ladybug?

Lila Rossi is an Italian student in Miss Bustier’s class at Collège Françoise Dupont and the tertiary antagonist of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.

Is Marinette a real name?

The name Marinette is a girl’s name meaning “of the sea”.

Was Marinette’s mother a ladybug?

She is the wife of Tom Dupain and the mother of Marinette. In “Ladybug”, after believing Marinette to be a liar and a thief, she is nearly akumatized by Scarlet Moth into Verity Queen.

What did Tikki give Marinette on her birthday?

Tikki becomes saddened after mistakenly believing that Marinette doesn’t like her gift. It’s Marinette’s birthday! To celebrate, Tikki creates a special charm called a Kwagatama to give as a birthday gift.

Why is Chloe mean to Marinette?

Personality. Chloé insults Marinette. … She believes that she is the most important person in the world and everyone adores her, but the main reason why she acts this way is to impress her mom, who until the Queen Wasp episode, had very little care for her. Chloé forces Marinette out of her seat.

What does Chloe do with the miraculous?

In “Miracle Queen”, after being deakumatized by Ladybug and losing both her army of superheroes, the Miracle Box, and the Bee Miraculous, Chloé becomes bitter towards Ladybug and claims she will no longer be her fan and friend, being then expelled for good from the French Miraculous superhero team.