Who Is Karen Standley?

The dancer from the credits was Karen Standley. Karen, who now works for the NHS, appeared on the I Love 1980s TV show in 2001 to talk about her only TV role. At the time, she was a secretary from Berkshire, whose boyfriend worked for Top Of The Pops and was contracted to make the titles for Tales Of The Unexpected.

How old is the tales of the unexpected?

Tales of the Unexpected (Roald Dahl’s Tales of the Unexpected) is a British television series that aired between 1979 and 1988. Each episode told a story, often with sinister and wryly comedic undertones, with an unexpected twist ending.

How many tales of the unexpected did Joan Collins appear in?

The last of three episodes that Joan Collins appeared in, the others being S1 E6, Neck (1979), and S2 E9, Georgy Porgy (1980).

Was Julian Fellowes in tales of the unexpected?

George’s (Julian Fellowes) mathematical ability was a little suspect when determining what two black eyes should command.

Where was Tales of the Unexpected neck filmed?

Roald’s writing attracted the biggest names in the business… such as Joan Collins and John Gielgud who appeared in Neck which was filmed at Somerleyton Hall and then Susan George and Timothy West were together in the unforgettable Royal Jelly.

How many tales of the unexpected were written by Roald Dahl?

Roald Dahl’s Tales of the Unexpected is a collection of 16 short stories written by British author Roald Dahl and first published in 1979. All of the stories were earlier published in various magazines, and then in the collections Someone Like You and Kiss Kiss.

Did David Cassidy appear in tales of the unexpected?

In 1983 David Cassidy appeared in an episode of the classic Anglia Television series Tales of the Unexpected on ITV. He had two parts – playing twins!

What was the scariest tales of the unexpected?

1. The Landlady. This episode is one of the most horrific of Roald Dahl’s tales, simply because there’s something a little too mundane about it.

Where was Galloping Foxley filmed?

Town’s tale of the unexpected

Galloping Foxley, which writer Roald Dahl claimed was based on a true story, brought no less than the great Sir John Mills to Platform One at Downham Market Station, in April 1979.

Who’s got the Lady cast?

Tales of the Unexpected: Who’s Got The Lady? Cast & Crew

  • Peter Hammond Director.
  • Jeremy Paul Screenplay.
  • Jack Ritchie Story.
  • Richard Johnson Cast.
  • Victoria Tennant Cast.
  • Timothy Carlton Cast.
  • Robert Beatty Cast.
  • Laurence Payne Cast.

Was Susan George in tales of the unexpected?

Tales of the Unexpected (TV Series 1979–1988) – Susan George as Mabel Taylor, Mary Marney – IMDb.

Who was the dancer at the beginning of Tales of the Unexpected?

Karen Standley is known for her work on Tales of the Unexpected (1979), Anglia at Forty (1999) and …

Was Michael Kitchen in tales of the unexpected?

Television and film

His early TV appearances include roles in Man at the Top (episode 4 “The Prime of Life”, 1970) Play for Today (Hell’s Angels by David Agnew, 1971), Thriller (1976), The Brontes of Haworth (1973, in which he played Branwell Bronte), Tales of the Unexpected and Beasts.

Is there a lamb to the slaughter movie?

Lamb to the Slaughter is a short B&W old movie by Alfred Hitchcock. It’s based on a short story written by Roald Dahl, published in 1954. This movie relates the story of a woman who is waiting for her husband.

Who is the cast of Have a nice death?

Tales of the Unexpected: Have a Nice Death Cast & Crew

  • William Slater Director.
  • Wolf Mankowitz Screenplay.
  • Antonia Fraser Story.
  • Simon Cadell Cast.
  • Kate Harper Cast.
  • Susannah Fellows Cast.
  • Sue Vanner Cast.

What have you been up to lately Tales of the Unexpected cast?

Cast & Crew

  • Peter Barkworth. Richard Mellor.
  • Benjamin Whitrow. Fergus Locke.
  • Maggie Fitzgibbon. Melissa Mellor.
  • Fanny Rowe. Actress.
  • June Watson. Audrey Locke.
  • Angela Harding. Cathleen.
  • Roald Dahl. Creator.
  • Ron Grainer. Music.

What is the wish by Roald Dahl about?

In The Wish, Roald Dahl, one of the world’s favourite authors, tells a sinister story about the darker side of human nature. Here, an imaginative boy plays a game that quickly gets out of hand . . . … This story is also available as a Penguin digital audio download read by the sublime Stephen Mangan.

Who played Galloping Foxley?

Jonathan Scott-Taylor Cast.