Who Is Molly King Marrying?

Singer Mollie King has said she and English cricketer Stuart Broad want their wedding to be “relaxed and chilled”. The Saturdays star, 33, and sport star Broad, 34, got engaged at the beginning of this year.

Has Mollie King been married?

The Saturdays star Mollie King has announced she is getting married to English cricketer Stuart Broad. The 33-year-old singer shared the news with her social media followers on Instagram.

Is Mollie King still dating Stuart Broad?

The cricketer has been dating Mollie King for a very long time now. The news of former England’s T20I captain’s relationship with Mollie King had first surfaced in 2012. It was also reported that the couple had parted ways in 2018, but they managed to sort their differences and soon reconciled.

Does Mollie King drink alcohol?

She drinks minimal alcohol

While this undoubtedly improves her health, the decision not to drink much isn’t because of that. “I do drink a little bit, but I don’t drink a lot. I’m the world’s biggest lightweight!” Mollie reveals.

How did Mollie King become famous?

MOLLIE KING is set to become a married woman after announcing her engagement to England cricketer Stuart Broad. She rose to fame as part of girl group The Saturdays, before appearing on Strictly Come Dancing and becoming the host of Radio 1’s weekend breakfast show.

Is Mollie King in a relationship?

Mollie King confirms engagement to England cricketer boyfriend Stuart Broad as she shows off beautiful diamond ring. Congratulations! Mollie King has got engaged to England cricketer Stuart Broad after almost two years of dating.

What band was Molly King in?

After two stints on The X Factor, Mollie left girl band Fallen Angelz and successfully auditioned for chart-topping band, The Saturdays.

How long has Mollie King dating Stuart Broad?

He and Mollie have been an on-off item since 2012 but have been dating steadily since the start of 2019. In agreeing to marry him, Mollie becomes the third member of The Saturdays to marry an international sports star.

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