Who Killed Lup?

Continuing that silly naming scheme, Griffin originally named Taako’s twin sister Lup, short for Chalupa.

Who owes Lup money?

Greg Grimaldis is the man who owes Lup a total sum of fifteen dollars, which she claims that she “aims to collect”.

How old is Taako?

It is known Taako is over sixty-five years old. It can be assumed that Taako is over one hundred years old, since elves are not considered adults until that age. There is a possibility that Taako went by another name before he reached adulthood.

Is Angus Mcdonald a dragon?

While technically unconfirmed, Griffin did express a particular fondness towards the fan-theory that Angus was actually a silver dragon in disguise the whole time, during The The Adventure Zone Zone: Balance Arc Finale.

Is Taako male or female?

Taako is a male high elf wizard, and one of the series’ more flamboyant and fabulous characters.

How old is Magnus burnsides?

Magnus is 32 (132) as of episode 54. He did give up 10 years of his life in Wonderland, but he (probably) got those years back when he got his body back in episode 59. Merle is older than Taako or anyone else really.

What kind of dwarf is Merle?

He is a beach dwarf cleric and former mercenary soldier with a neutral good alignment who enjoys long walks on the beach.

Where did Garfield the deals Warlock come from?

Garfield the Deals Warlock was originally used in My Brother My Brother and Me Episode 255, as a character played by Griffin as part of a Harry’s razors advertisement.

How did Merle lose his arm?

They set Merle down and Lucas gives him a shot of something which slows the bleeding. Merle wakes up somewhat as Magnus explains what has happened, defending his reaction in chopping off his arm. He then admits that he went into Lucas’s room and saw the magical compact, and demands answers.

What race is Magnus?

Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen (born 30 November 1990) is a Norwegian chess grandmaster who is the current World Chess Champion, World Rapid Chess Champion, and World Blitz Chess Champion.

What is Duck Newton’s real name?

“Duck” is a self-imposed nickname. His true name was unknown until Episode 35, in which Duck revealed his name to be Wayne just prior to the climactic cliffhanger. In the 2019 MaxFunDrive TTAZZ, before its reveal, Justin confirmed that Duck’s real name was preestablished and written on his character sheet.

Is Taz graduation good?

Graduation was mostly just kinda fine. Graduation got off to a rough start, but was able to recover itself as the show went on. A lot of the mistakes it makes are common for shows with first time game masters and actual play shows that emulate The Adventure Zone, which is an issue when you are The Adventure Zone.

What is Taako’s last name?

Friendly Reminders From and For The Balance Arc — was taako’s last name being “taaco” ever…

Does Taako ever make a taco?

The Bite of Destiny

Taako does eventually eat a taco for the very first time. How and why are spoilers for Balance’s finale, but I can tell you this much: they are picadillo tacos. Picadillo is a Latin American hash containing various regional ingredients.

What’s on the Angus burger at Mcdonalds?

100% Aussie Angus beef, classic cheese, tomato, onions and pickles with mustard and mayo.

What happened Merle?

After the Apocalypse, Merle works as a supply runner at the Atlanta Survivor Camp. He then becomes a guard in Woodbury before joining The Governor’s Woodbury Army where his rank is Lieutenant.

Why did Merle cut his hand off?

He uses his belt to reach the hacksaw and ultimately cuts off his own hand to escape, as the hacksaw blade was too dull to cut through the handcuffs. Rick and the group return to the camp and explain to Daryl that they abandoned Merle. … Rick feels that the truck might have been stolen by Merle during his escape.

What episode does Merle Dixon come back?


Merle reappears in an injured Daryl’s hallucinations, in which he taunts Daryl for giving up, telling him to be tougher. He also tells Daryl to stand up to Rick, even suggesting that Daryl shoot him, and mentioning that Rick handcuffed him and left him to die on the roof of the department store.

What is the best adventure zone arc?

Every Adventure Zone Arc: Ranked

  1. The Stolen Century. Some people dislike The Stolen Century. …
  2. The Suffering Game. Griffin tried to get the boys to take things more seriously starting with Petals to the Metal. …
  3. The Rockport Limited. …
  4. Dust. …
  5. Story and Song. …
  6. The Eleventh Hour. …
  7. Petals to the Metal. …
  8. Amnesty.

What do you listen to after the adventure zone?

7 Fantasy Podcasts Beyond “The Adventure Zone”

  • Join the Party. …
  • Words to That Effect. …
  • Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services. …
  • The End of Time and Other Bothers. …
  • Imaginary Worlds. …
  • Jarnsaxa Rising.