Who Played The Harmonica In The Blues Brothers?

John Belushi didn’t have the best singing voice, but he had a spellbinding charisma that couldn’t be faked. Dan Aykroyd wasn’t a world-class musician, but his love for the blues was beyond genuine.

What harmonica does Dan Aykroyd use?

It was there that Aykroyd turned co-star John Belushi on to the Blues, and thus the Blues Brothers were born. This vintage Hohner harmonica was used by Aykroyd in his role as “Elwood Blues” in the 1980 comedy movie based on his and Belushi’s classic SNL routines.

Who played the harmonica in Blues Brothers 2000?

Blues singer and harmonica player Junior Wells made his film debut, and his final screen appearance, as a member of the blues band in the strip club. He died just over three weeks before this movie debuted in theaters.

Why is Blues Brothers 2000 so bad?

But the whole film was doomed from the start because someone thought what the movie really needed was a little kid. … While the original film had John Belushi at the height of his talent, Blues Brothers 2000 just feels like a sanitised retread – although the music still rocks.

Why was Jim Belushi not in Blues Brothers 2000?

The film was originally intended to include Brother Zee Blues (Jim Belushi, brother of John Belushi). But due to an already existing television deal (Belushi had been cast in the ABC drama Total Security), Belushi was unable to appear and the script was altered to include Cab Blues (Joe Morton).

Does Jim Belushi really play the harmonica?

Shares his birthday with another comedian named Jim. Jim Varney. One of his lifelong passions is playing his harmonica, a love he first developed after hearing British blues musician John Mayall, a leading exponent of the instrument. Jim carries his harmonica with him all the time.

Why are the police chasing the Blues Brothers?

To do so, they must reunite their R&B band and organize a performance to earn $5,000 needed to pay the orphanage’s property tax bill. Along the way, they are targeted by a homicidal “mystery woman”, Neo-Nazis, and a country and western band—all while being relentlessly pursued by the police.

Did Belushi do the flips in Blues Brothers?

John Belushi hurt himself on a kid’s skateboard before filming The Blues Brothers’s big finish. The filmmakers had to convince the “top orthopedist in town” to attend to Belushi over Thanksgiving weekend so that he’d be able to perform the cartwheels and dance steps required for the big finale.

Did John Belushi do his flips?

John as a youth was a good athlete, captain of both football and wrestling teams. … John once — uninvited — did a series of cartwheels on stage to join the Grateful Dead to sing the chorus. John did his own backward handsprings in the Blues Brothers film.

What bridge did The Blues Brothers jump?

Located near the Calumet Fisheries, Chicago’s 95th street bridge would seem to be just another purpose built industrial span, but thanks to an iconic automobile jump across the bridges raised sections in the cinematic masterpiece The Blues Brothers, the metal mesh bridge is now informally named after the characters.

What kind of sunglasses did The Blues Brothers wear?

Trivia answer: the Blues Brothers wore original Wayfarers Ray-Ban RB2140 in the movie. Those of you old enough to remember the 80’s will remember these glasses were everywhere. And that was largely thanks to the success of the film. Belushi and Aykroyd started it all.

How much is Bill Murray worth?

With his impressive body of work, it is not surprising to learn Murray has amassed a fortune of $180 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

How do I contact Dan Aykroyd?

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How did Donna Dixon meet Aykroyd?


The couple met while they were shooting “Doctor Detroit,” and the then young Donna Dixon made quite an impression on Dan. It took the help of Donna’s best friend, Fran Descher, to get the two talking to each other.

Did Joe Morton do his own singing in Blues Brothers 2000?

John Goodman (as “Mighty Mack” McTeer) – vocals. Buster Blues – harmonica, vocals (acted by J. Evan Bonifant in Blues Brothers 2000, actual harmonica recorded by John Popper) Joe Morton (as Cabel “Cab” Chamberlain) – vocals.