Why Are My Hedgehogs Ears Cracked?

I have had more hedgehogs with tattered ears than I can count but not one has been caused by anything other than dry skin and dirt buildup as PJM has mentioned. Use something like bag balm, vaseline, jojoba oil, vit E or flax seed oil and rub gently on the tatters each day.

How do you know if a hedgehog is dying?

Most times hedgehog dying signs would appear combined and not as a single symptom. For instance, if your hedgehog is not eating or drinking, displaying weakness and sleeping through the night, it’s very likely your hedgehog is terminally ill and dying slowly as its organs are shutting down.

Do I have to clean my hedgehogs ears?

Registered. Hedgehogs don’t need their ears cleaned like dogs or cats do, so the fact that she had built up gunk is concerning. The vet may have an idea of what’s causing it. Usually hedgehogs will get tattered ears on the actual ear, or crust buildup, but not wax or gunk actually inside the ear.

How do you treat an ear infection in a hedgehog?

The treatment of choice is an oral anti-fungal agent called griseofulvin. Otitis (ear infections) are also seen in hedgehogs. Clinical signs include scratching, discharge, head shaking, and balance disturbances.

Do hedgehogs have ear wax?

The normal hedgehog ear appearance is thin, nearly hairless skin with a smooth edge. There should be little or no wax present in the ear canal. … The discharge in the ear will be of a more liquid consistency than normal ear wax and will often have a foul smell.

What’s wrong with my hedgehog?

“A sick hedgehog will often be less active and/or weaker than normal and usually will have a reduced appetite,” Dr. … Other signs of a sick hedgehog include lethargy, panting or labored breathing, a dull expression, discharge from the nose or eyes, sneezing, coughing and paralysis.

What is the average lifespan of a pet hedgehog?

Dr. Keller says, “With appropriate care and keeping, your hedgehog will live about five years, and some even live longer than eight years.” If you have any questions about hedgehogs, contact your local veterinarian.

Do hedgehogs cry?

Hedgehogs do cry. Just like humans, hedgehogs can sense fear and danger. Whenever they are exposed to situations or conditions, they find uncomfortable, hedgehogs can cry and wail like a baby. Hedgehogs have different ways of showing emotions; it can be through sounds or body behavior.

How do I know if my hedgehog has wobbly hedgehog syndrome?

Symptoms of Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome

  1. Falling over.
  2. Muscle weakness.
  3. Difficulty walking.
  4. Wobbling when standing still.
  5. Paralysis.
  6. Seizures.
  7. Head tilt.
  8. Circling.

What can I put on my hedgehog’s ears?

Simply apply a few drops over the ears. Shea and cocoa butter, lanolin, Vitamin E cream, or coconut oil also work well as long as you are able to massage it into the ear. Please AVOID: baby oil, mineral oil, vaseline or other petroleum based oils. Diet supplementation can also help with dry ears and dry skin.

Can hedgehogs lose their eyes?

A vet visit is almost always in order. Don’t fret if your hedgehog does lose his sight or even an eye—hedgies do just fine when blind since their primary sense is smell, and hearing is secondary, with vision a distant third.

Is coconut oil good for hedgehogs?

We don’t recommend olive oil or coconut oil in their rinse water. This is because it clings to their skin and traps bacteria when they’re back in their cage. This can lead to fungal infections, that in turn can cause quill loss, and it is hard to treat.

Is Baby Oil safe for hedgehogs?

baby oil is scented…so most hedgies don’t like it as they are very sensitve to smells. Try using flax seed oil instead it works better and doesnt’ seem to bother them. You can buy capsules in the vitamin section ofmost drug stores and just poke a capsule with a pin and squeeze it on your hedgie.

How do you heal a hedgehog?

Gently cover the hedgehog with an old towel or fleece to make it feel more secure and offer some meaty cat or dog food and water. Once you have the hedgehog settled somewhere quiet indoors, call the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) on 01584 890 801.

Can hedgehogs learn their name?

Hedgehogs do not recognize their names like dogs and cats do. However, if you give them names and call them often, they will respond and give you their attention because the name or your voice is familiar. They will even respond to different names as long as your voice is familiar to them.

Why is my hedgehog lying flat?

Temperatures that are too hot or too cold are a stress to your hedgehog. … A hedgehog that is too hot will lay flat on it’s tummy with all four legs stretched out in sort of a “splat” and will probably be taking quick, short breaths. Moving it to a room with recommended temperatures should slowly cool the hedgehog.

Can you leave a hedgehog alone for a weekend?

Don’t leave them home alone for more than a day

While hedgehogs are content in solitude, they do need to be fed and checked in on daily. If you travel a lot or are out of the house often, you should make sure that you have a family member, friend or neighbor that is willing to check them daily.

What does hedgehog sick look like?

“As is true with many hedgehog diseases, clinical signs may not be specific for cancer and simply include weight loss, lack of appetite and lethargy.” Respiratory diseases, especially pneumonia, are often seen in pet hedgehogs. Symptoms may include nasal discharge, sneezing, and difficulty in breathing.

Do hedgehogs get depressed?

Depression. Without room, a hedgehog will show signs of depression, such as excessive sleeping, refusal to eat, repetitious behaviour, and self mutilation.

Do hedgehogs have a period?

No, female hedgehogs are induced ovulators, meaning they don’t have a heat, they ovulate when in the presence of a male for mating. Female hedgehog do not have a period.

Do hedgehogs get ticks?

Hedgehog ticks

Ticks are another common external parasite on hedgehogs. Usually an individual will have a couple of ticks on it though occasionally there are hedgehogs with heavier burdens. Ticks often attach themselves to the underside, behind the ears or the flanks of hedgehogs but they can occur elsewhere as well.

What the hedgehogs eat?

Hedgehogs mainly eat creepy crawlies

The majority of their diet is made up of invertebrates (or creepy crawlies). … The most important invertebrates in their diet are worms, beetles, slugs, caterpillars, earwigs and millipedes. As well as these, they also eat a wide range of other insects.