Will There Be A Season 3 Of Suno Chanda?

Suno Chanda; a tale of love, romance, emotions and a happy ending! Arsal wed Jiya and we fell in love! And so our favorite drama came to an end yesterday. … Having seen the drama from the first episode, it was like a member of our own family was getting married, because believe us, the joy and happiness was real.

Is Jiya pregnant in Suno Chanda?

The episode finally addresses the issues that has been bothering me ever since Jia’s pregnancy was assumed. Arsal and Jia visit a doctor and no, she is not pregnant. Her tantrums about studying in London are back with a huge bang. The other track was the “shar’ayi hissa” dispute by Jalal and Masooma backed by Pari.

What happens in the end of Suno Chanda?

The final episode had several beautiful scenes, the first being the scene between Ajiya and Shahana. Ajiya confesses to Shahana that she was never taught how to communicate, while Shahana admits they faltered them in that arena, but encourages Ajiya to have a heart-to-heart with Arsal to clear things once and for all.

Will Jiya and Arsal get married?

Jiya and Arsal are finally happy that they are no longer getting married.

Is Iqra pregnant?

The duo announced the pregnancy on social media, with Aziz sharing an adorable photo of herself and Hussain on Instagram. The actor had previously told fans that the baby was due July 2021.

Who is Billo in Suno Chanda?

Mizna Waqas, also known as Mizna, is a Pakistani television and theatre actress known for her supporting roles in several acclaimed drama series. She has played the role of Billo in Hum TV’s popular series Suno Chanda and its sequel Suno Chanda 2.

In which episode do Jiya and Arsal get married?

Ep 30 – Arsal and Jiya get married

Sherry and Kinza realise their feelings for each other. Arsal and Jiya get married and vow never to fight again.

Who is Sherry in Suno Chanda?

Nabeel Zuberi as Shehryar aka Sherry; Jiya and Arsals cousin, Agha Jan’s grandson, lives in London, but came to Karachi to attend Arsal and Jiya’s wedding, Kinza’s husband. Mashal Khan as Kinza Jalal Khan/Kinza Sheheryar ; Jiya and Arsal’s cousin, Sherry’s wife.

Does ajiya go to London?

Ajiya Nazakat Ali announces during her on-going walima that she has been accepted to appear in a renowned institute in London and that it has always been her dream to study abroad. This starts a battle of wits within the whole family including guests who have apparently come over to attend said wedding.

Will there be Chupke Chupke Season 2?

Saima Akram Chaudhry, who has penned the wildly successful Chupke Chupke, Ishq Jalebi and Suno Chanda has said that there will be no second or third seasons of these dramas.

How old is Mizna?

Mizna Waqas Age & DOB

Her date of birth is third January, 1986. She is 33 years old.

Is Iqra Aziz rich?

She belongs to Pakistani Sindhi Muslim background family and Iqra Aziz was born and brought up in Karachi and her sister Sidra who is a software engineer. The net worth of her is estimated around $90 million dollar.

How can get pregnant?

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What does Rukhsati mean?

Rukhsati (رُخصتی) – “sending off” (sometimes called Doli (ڈولی) – “palanquin”) takes place when the groom and bride leave the shaadi venue together with the elders of the Family. Before this point the bride and groom will have already been married in the eyes of God by the imam in the nikkah.

Where is Suno Chanda House located?

They live in Peshawar. Jamshed Ali is married to Shahana (Nadia Afgan) and Nazakat Ali to Naeema (Farah Shah).