Can You Still Eat Expired Steel Cut Oats?

If your oatmeal has been stored and kept properly, then there is no harm to consume it after the expiration date. If you have expired oatmeal, then you may notice some changes in their texture, color and flavor as well. As a result of freshness, you may lose some nutritional value of oatmeal.

How do you know when oats are bad?

When checking if your oats are safe to eat, look for the following:

  1. Mold. If you notice any, throw them out. …
  2. Smell. If the oats smell moldy or off in any way, discard them.
  3. Discoloration or other changes in appearance. If there’s something off in the way they look, assume they’re gone.
  4. Pantry pests.

Is it safe to eat oatmeal After expiration date?

Can you eat oatmeal after the expiration date? Yes, you can absolutely eat oatmeal after it has expired. … If oatmeal has been properly stored in a cool, dry and dark area, then the risk of spoilage is minimal. The determining factors are signs of spoilage like discoloration, would smell, mold or pests.