How Do You Calculate Aggregate For NUST MS?

  1. Matric=1020/1100.
  2. FSC=990/1100.
  3. NET=140/200.

How do you calculate merit aggregate?

Specifically, there are the following steps for MCAT calculate:

  1. Marks in HSSC x 1100 x 0.50 = 50% of HSSC.
  2. Marks in Entrance Test x 1100 x 0.50 = 50% Admission test.
  3. 50% of HSSC + 50% of admission = aggregate marks.
  4. Aggregate percentage = aggregate mark x 100.

How are college merit marks calculated?

  1. Merit Point = Percentage of Aggregate + 2(Highest Marks in History or in English in H.S. Level. or = Percentage of Aggregate + 2(Marks in English when the respective subject is absent)
  2. For Botany, Physiology Honours, …
  3. Merit Point = Percentage of Aggregate + Marks in Biology in H.S. Level + Marks in Chemistry in H.S.

How do you create a merit list?

Merit list will be prepared on the basis of marks obtained in the Entrance Examination (and not on the marks obtained in qualifying examination) by adding sports weightage, if any, in the manner given under ((A)(xii) above.

Which engineering has highest merit in Pakistan?

Software Engineering

In Pakistan, this is a growing discipline. However, in the future, it will also become one of the main branches, like civil and mechanical. In short, “Civil” and “Software” Engineering have the highest Scope in Pakistan in the Future.

Is NUST private university?

The National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) (Urdu: قومی جامعہ برائے سائنس و ٹیکنالوجی‎, romanized: Qaumī Jāmi’ā barā’e Sāins va Ṭaiknālōjī) is a public research university under administration of Pakistan Armed Forces with its main campus in Islamabad, Pakistan.

What is a good SAT score for NUST?

NUST institutional code to receive SAT scores is 2790. SAT scores are valid for two years. For all Programmes, a minimum of 550 SAT score is required in each subject.

How is MBBS merit 2020 calculated?

  1. Formula for calculation of merit. (i) The merit shall be worked out as per the regulations of Pakistan Medical and. …
  2. Step – II. Marks obtained in HSSC /Equivalent x 1100 x 0.40 = 40% of HSSC/Equivalent. …
  3. Step – III. Marks obtained in Entrance Test /SAT II/MCAT x 1100 x 0.50 = 50% of Admission Test. …
  4. Step – IV. …
  5. Step – V.

Which field has highest scope in Pakistan?

Following is the list of few top paid fields that one can consider to choose for a successful professional career.

  • Chartered Accountant.
  • CSS.
  • IT Professional.
  • Doctor.
  • Engineer.
  • Architecture.
  • Lawyer.
  • Business.

Is NUST better than Lums?

Nust climbed up from 112 last year to 87 in the 2019 rankings, while Lums, which was placed at 103 last year, moved up to 95. Quaid-i-Azam University, that stood at 133 last year, also improved its ranking and is placed at 109 in the 2019 list.

Is NUST net difficult?

NUST entry test is very difficult and competition is also very high because students from all over Pakistan apply for NUST NET. … We also provide facility of past papers to our students. We have NUST NET past papers which helps students to understand structure of entry test and difficulty of MCQ’s.

Is it hard to get into NUST?

NUST Admission on Basis of SAT

SAT, conducted by Collegeboard, is a very challenging test that students with strong conceptual skills do well in. … Merit list for candidates applying on the basis of SAT for national seats is prepared separately. There are a few exceptions to those who can apply on basis of SAT.

How much SAT 1 score is required for NUST?

For all Programmes, a minimum of 25 ACT score / 550 SAT score in each subject is required. ACT / SAT scores are valid for two years only. All Bachelor programmes at NUST are taught in English.

Why engineers are jobless in Pakistan?

Due to a weak economy, Pakistan could not manage to start new projects that could have accommodated engineers. The existing industries and facilities also suffered due to the economic crisis. As a result, no new job opportunities were created for engineers.

What type of engineer makes the most money?

Top 10 highest-paying engineering jobs

  1. Petroleum engineers. National average salary: $94,271 per year. …
  2. Electrical engineer. National average salary: $88,420 per year. …
  3. Computer engineer. National average salary: $86,086 per year. …
  4. Aeronautical engineer. …
  5. Chemical engineering. …
  6. Materials engineer. …
  7. Biomedical engineer. …
  8. Nuclear engineer.

What is the percentage of merit?

the merit level is 60% or above. The boundary zone for the merit level is between 58% and 59.9%. the distinction level is 70% or above. The boundary zone for the distinction level is between 68% and 69.9%.

How is merit made?

Merit is connected with the notions of purity and goodness. … The most fruitful form of merit-making is those good deeds done with regard to the Triple Gem, that is, the Buddha, his teachings, the Dhamma (Sanskrit: Dharma), and the Sangha.

How much percentage is required for merit?

Selection Procedure. Student should have passed Class X Examination from the CBSE and secured 60% or more. Pursuing Class XI & XII from CBSE affiliated Schools.

Does NUST offer BDS?

It became a constituent College of NUST in 1998. … Bachelor in Dental Surgery (BDS) course was started during the same year. The college has unique distinction of imparting postgraduate training (MPhil/PhD and FCPS) in basic medical sciences since 2001.