Is It Supposably Or Supposedly?

Supposably means “as may be conceived or imagined” and is the adverb form of supposable, which means “capable of being supposed or conceived.” On the other hand, supposedly usually means “allegedly.” The words are often conflated when one usually intends to say “supposedly.”

What does consubstantial mean in the Nicene Creed?

adjective. of one and the same substance, essence, or nature, especially the three divine persons of the Christian Trinity.

What is the meaning resurrected?

: to bring (a dead person) back to life. : to cause (something that had ended or been forgotten or lost) to exist again, to be used again, etc.

How do you pronounce Pilate in Latin?


  1. (Classical) IPA: /piːˈlaː.te/,
  2. (Ecclesiastical) IPA: /piˈla.te/,

What is the meaning of Pontius Pilate?

Definitions of Pontius Pilate. the Roman procurator of Judea who ordered that Jesus be crucified (died in AD 36) synonyms: Pilate. type of: procurator. (ancient Rome) someone employed by the Roman Emperor to manage finance and taxes.

Was Supposebly added to the dictionary? announced that the word supposably, which is a mispronunciation of supposedly, has been added to its dictionary. … In addition to supposably, finna was also added, matching’s move to add the word.

Is Supposebly a word?

What does supposably mean? Supposably means “as may be assumed, imagined, or supposed.” Supposably is an adverb based on the word supposable.

What caved means?

to suddenly stop opposing something, especially because people have persuaded you. I finally caved and bought a new TV. cave to: He caved to pressure and voted in favour of the bill.

What is the right way to say supposedly?

Since most of the confusion around these words has to do with the pronunciation over the word, it makes sense to go through the proper way to pronounce supposedly. Its pronunciation is pretty phonetic: suh-poez-ed-ly.

What are the most mispronounced words?

Here are 20 of the most commonly mispronounced words in English, and how to say them right.

  • 1 Pronunciation. Ironically, many people mispronounce this word! …
  • 2 Cupboard. …
  • 3 Epitome. …
  • 4 Salmon/almond. …
  • 5 Library/February. …
  • 6 Definitely. …
  • 7 Ask. …
  • 8 Wednesday.

How do you use supposedly?

Supposedly Sentence Examples

  1. Incidentally, he supposedly came on the radar as a result of a tip from this man or woman everyone’s read about; the so-called psychic tipster person.
  2. Donnie left with him, after supposedly gaining his mother’s approval.