Is Voyeurism A Mental Health Disorder?

The disorder was previously known as Voyeurism and someone with the condition has often been referred to as a “Peeping Tom.” With the release of the DSM-5, it is now called Voyeuristic Disorder and is classified as a Paraphilic Disorder, which requires the presence of a paraphilia that is causing significant distress …

What are the 8 paraphilic disorders?

The chapter on paraphilic disorders includes eight conditions: exhibitionistic disorder, fetishistic disor- der, frotteuristic disorder, pedophilic disorder, sexual masochism disorder, sexual sadism disorder, transvestic disorder, and voyeuristic disorder.

How can voyeurism be prevented?

How to protect yourself

  1. Make sure there are shades on windows;
  2. Check locks on windows and doors;
  3. If there are bushes near a home, be aware if anything looks odd;
  4. Ask the police to do a home walk-around if anything appears to be out of place inside the home.

How do you treat a fetish disorder?

Treatment of Fetishistic Disorder

Sex therapy with a certified therapist who specializes in paraphilias is the best form of treatment for fetishistic disorder. A certified sex therapist may utilize cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to identify and change the fetishistic behaviors.

Can paraphilic disorders be cured?

Treatment of paraphilic sexual disorders usually involves the combination of psychotherapy and medication. Paraphilias are quite chronic, such that a minimum of 2 years of treatment is recommended for even the mildest paraphilia.

What is the most common paraphilic disorder?

The most common are pedophilia (sexual focus on children), exhibitionism (exposure of genitals to strangers), voyeurism (observing private activities of unaware victims) and frotteurism (touching or rubbing against a nonconsenting person).

What is paraphilic disorder?

Paraphilic disorders are paraphilias that cause distress or cause problems functioning in the person with the paraphilia or that harm or may harm another person. There are many paraphilias.