What Does Not Apparent Mean?

for no reason/ for no reason at all

If you say that something happened or was done for no reason, for no good reason, or for no reason at all, you mean that there was no obvious reason why it happened or was done. The guards, he said, would punch them for no reason.

What does apparent cause mean?

apparent suggests appearance to unaided senses that may or may not be borne out by more rigorous examination or greater knowledge. the apparent cause of the accident illusory implies a false impression based on deceptive resemblance or faulty observation, or influenced by emotions that prevent a clear view.

What does no particular reason mean?

adj. 1 prenominal of or belonging to a single or specific person, thing, category, etc.; specific; special. the particular demands of the job, no particular reason. 2 prenominal exceptional or marked. a matter of particular importance.

How do you use apparent?

Apparent sentence example

  1. It was apparent by the look on Jackson’s face. …
  2. In this way, she learns countless new expressions without any apparent effort. …
  3. Feeling a little hurt by his apparent disinterest, she picked up her plate and started cleaning up the camp.

What is apparent intention?

adj. 1 readily seen or understood; evident; obvious. 2 usually prenominal seeming, as opposed to real.

What are two synonyms for apparent?

Some common synonyms of apparent are clear, distinct, evident, manifest, obvious, patent, and plain.

What does apparent mean in a sentence?

adjective. readily seen; exposed to sight; open to view; visible: The crack in the wall was readily apparent. capable of being easily perceived or understood; plain or clear; obvious: The solution to the problem was apparent to all.

What is the meaning of for some reason?

phrase. If you say that something happened or is true for some reason, you mean that you know it happened or is true, but you do not know why. For some reason, the curtains were shut.

What is another word for main reason?

root cause; main reason; fundamental cause; principal cause; main ground; basic cause.

Is non apparent a word?

adjective. Not apparent, not discernible.

What means apparent relationship?

1 readily seen or understood; evident; obvious. 2 usually prenominal seeming, as opposed to real.

What is apparent feeling?

2. an apparent quality, feeling, or situation seems to exist although it may not be real.

What does increasingly apparent mean?

adj.seeming, not proven real. adj.obvious.

Is apparent formal?

apparent (somewhat formal) easy to see or understand:It soon became apparent that everything had gone wrong. evident (somewhat formal) easy to see or understand:The orchestra played with evident enjoyment. plain easy to see or understand:He made it very plain that he wanted us to leave.

What is the best synonym for apparent?


  • illusory.
  • likely.
  • outward.
  • plausible.
  • specious.
  • superficial.
  • suppositious.
  • semblant.

How do you use apparently in a sentence?

His resignation was apparently for personal rather than professional reasons. He lives in Little Overington, apparently, wherever that is. A series of apparently unconnected events led to his resignation. I heard a rumour that she’s leaving, but apparently it’s not true.

What is the synonym of seemingly?

In this page you can discover 23 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for seemingly, like: evidently, quasi, professedly, speciously, seeming, superficially, surface, reputedly, ostensibly, apparently and wildly.

What is apparent in the workplace?

Apparent Work describes a story where the Main Character mistakenly believes he is on the proper path. An Actual Work story is one in which Remaining Steadfast is the path to success. If the Main Character maintains his course when indeed he needs to Change, he is said to have been in an Apparent Work story.

What is the verb for apparent?

appear. (intransitive) To come or be in sight; to be in view; to become visible. (intransitive) To come before the public.

What is the noun for apparent?

appearance. The act of appearing or coming into sight; the act of becoming visible to the eye. A thing seen; a phenomenon; an apparition. Personal presence; look; aspect; mien.

How do you use attribute in a sentence?

decide as to where something belongs in a scheme.

  1. Archaeologists attribute the ruin to a flourishing prehistoric kingdom.
  2. Patience is an essential attribute for a teacher.
  3. Politeness is an attribute of a gentleman.
  4. I attribute our success to him.
  5. The committee refused to attribute blame without further information.

What does it mean when someone says apparently?

: it seems apparent —used to describe something that appears to be true based on what is known an apparently happy marriageThe window had apparently been forced open.