Who All Dies In Lorien Legacies?

  • Number 3’s cepan – Killed by a piken.
  • Number 3 – Stabbed in the back by Andrakkus Sutekh.
  • They walk among us author – Killed by a Mogadorian while being interrogated.
  • Henri – Stabbed by a Mogadorian.
  • Sherrif James – Killed by a Mogadorian.
  • Power of Six.
  • Katarina – Died before the book.

Does Eight die in Lorien Legacies?

Number Eight, or Naveen, was a main character in The Lorien Legacies series. … He was killed by Number Five, when he teleported in front of his blade, saving Nine in the process.

Does Sarah come back to life in the Lorien Legacies?

Sarah does not appear for most of the book. She, Mark and Lexa fly in Lexa’s Loric ship to the Sanctuary in Mexico to help Six, Marina and Adam. … With Marina unconscious on board the Loric ship, Sarah cannot be healed. She calls John to say goodbye and she bleeds out and dies while speaking to him.

Who is guard in Lorien Legacies?

In this spectacular one-hundred-page companion novella to the New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series, learn how Loric hacker Lexa became the shadowy figure known as GUARD.

Does Marina get with John?

John and Marina do NOT go together. I think that PL put the two together because he wanted them to both have a good ending, but at the same time was tired of writing so he just threw something together in an attempt to leave us on a happy note. Like i said previously, the ending was anticlimactic.

What legacies does 9 have?


  • Being a Garde, Nine possesses enhanced strength (he has shown some immense strength, speed, agility, endurance and durability. …
  • Nine possesses Telekinesis, an ability that all Garde share.
  • Nine develops this Legacy when attacked by Mogadorians at Maddy’s apartment.

Which book does Sarah Hart die?

Healing – John’s third legacy, developed at the end of the third book when Sarah is gravely injured and dying.

Who is the most powerful Lorien?

Pittacus is said to be the most powerful of the Elders and is the only one who could fight Setrákus Ra, the Mogadorian leader. Number Four is the new Pittacus Lore, as he holds all the same powers as Pittacus.

Does Henry die in I Am Number Four?

Henri’s death in the book is different from his death in the movie. In the movie, he dies shortly after Four and Sam arrive in Athens to rescue him. In the novel, he dies in the final battle at the school. He takes the name Henri because of his heavy Loric accent (which sounds similar to a French accent).

What do mogadorians look like?

The vatborn Mogadorian’s skin colour is described as almost bruise-coloured, while trueborn Mogadorians have ashy white skin and are more similar to humans. Their teeth are small and jagged. Some Soldiers and Scouts have tattoos on their heads to show their status.

Who kills Setrakus RA?

He wins the fight, and tosses Five out of the warship. He plans, to invade, conspiring with the Secretary of Defense of the U.S. government. Ra is exposed as a monster by John and Nine. Ella stabs Setrákus Ra and realizes that she is the only one who can injure him.

How did nine lose his arm?

After an attempt from Nine to stab the mass of black sludge over Ra’s heart with the Voron dagger, Ra absorbs both the dagger and Nine’s arm. Marina inadvertently realizes his weakness as she brings him pain with her healing legacy.

Is Lorien a real planet?

It is one of eighteen known planets capable of sustaining life, alongside Earth and Mogadore. … The planet itself possesses a form of sentience – being both the source of the Garde’s Legacies and the intelligence of the Cêpan.

How many garde are there?

After the Mogadorian invasion of Lorien, Nine Garde Children were sent to Earth with their Cepan. All of the Elders are presumed dead. The Garde were hunted down by the Mogadorians about a decade after they reached Earth. Now there are only six (known) Loric Garde remaining.

Does 8 die in I Am Number 4?

Number Six posed as Number Eight when she was held with Katarina in the Mogadorian Cave. Number Eight is believed by Crayton to be the successor of Pittacus Lore. … Number Eight was killed by Number Five in attempt to save Nine.

Does Sarah die in Outer Banks?

Luckily, no. Sarah Cameron does not die in Outer Banks Season 2 – but she has some very close shaves. In the course of the series, Sarah’s brother attempts to drown her and her father tries to strangle her. After a heated discussion, Rafe tries to drown Sarah to death but Topper comes to the rescue.

What are number 6s legacies?

Number Six has two notable Legacies: Novis (Invisibility) and Sturma (Elemental Manipulation), which she often uses to create powerful storms and lightning which can incapacitate her enemies. Like all Gardes, Six has the Enhancement and Telekinesis.

Is Pittacus Lore a real person?

Pittacus Lore is not a real person. The pen name Pittacus Lore was created by James Frey who had the original idea for the series, and the first book was diligently executed by Jobie Hughes.

Who does six end up with?

Sam Goode. Sam is Six’s love interest and in The Revenge of Seven they become a couple. Six confirms that she likes Sam a lot, but in Power of Six it seems her feelings for John are stronger.

Who is number 7 in I Am Number Four?

Number Seven, better known as Marina, is one of the ten Loric children who escaped from Lorien, and is one of the six remaining Loric Garde. She spent most of her life in a convent in Spain with Adelina, a Cêpan who had lost her faith in the survival of Lorien and refused to train or teach Marina.

Who dies in I Am Number Four?

The Mogadorians locate John and manipulate two conspiracy theorists into capturing Henri. When John and Sam go to rescue Henri, they have to fend off an attack by the Mogadorians. Henri dies, while John and Sam escape with some Lorien artefacts, including a blue rock that acts as a tracking device for other Garde.

Who is the protagonist in I Am Number Four?

John Smith is the protagonist of the first novel, and Number Four in the sequence protecting the Nine Lorien children living and hiding on Earth. He is 15 years old, and is described as being a fit, young man with blond hair.