Why Do You Think Millicent Didn’t Want To Join The Sorority?

Answer: I’m sorry, but I’ve changed my mind about joining the sorority. I’d like to be free to be friends with anyone I choose.

What is meant by Millicent private initiation?

what does millicent mean when she says her own private initiation had just begun? she’s beginning to learn how to be her own person.

What has Millicent decided?

What does Millicent decide to do at the end of the story? … she is foreshadowing the end of the story.

Does Herb like Millicent?

Yes, Herb seems to be interested in Millicent past his notion of making her talk when she’s not supposed to. When he’s interrupted by Bev, his reaction is as follows. “Herb managed a partingshot. “But that one keeps such an attractive silence.”

Why does Millicent suddenly feel rebellious?

How does this make Millicent feel? She calls her a gopher. This makes her feel rebellious, foreshadowing of her revolt.

What are the two possible victories for Millicent?

What are two possible victories for Millicent? She has got two options;either to become part of the select flock or to chose a different way of getting into the great hall blazing with lights,of people and life hence not to join the sorority after having successfully undergone the initiation process.

What is the theme of the story initiation?

The Major theme of this story is that of being an individual or being part of a group. In the story Millicent starts to struggle with the idea that her best friend Tracy will be only someone in the background if the joins the sorority, the single thing Millicent has wanted to avoid.

When initiation begins Where is Millicent?

While Millicent is in the basement at the final initiation, the narrator says, “She could not exactly say what causes her revolt, but it definitely had something to do with Tracy and something to do with the heather birds”.

How horrible it would be if she were condemned to be the plain shy Millicent of a few years back?

“How horrible it would be . . . if she were condemned to be the plain, shy Millicent of a few years back.” “Walking beside Louise on the way to the drugstore, Millicent felt a surge of pride.” “Bev was suddenly there in the doorway. ‘Wipe that smile off your face,’ she commanded.”

What does Millicent do that makes Bev particularly angry?

When Beverly calls Millicent “gopher” and makes her do ridiculous hazing activities. Millicent gets angry at Beverly, of course, but she can’t do anything about it because she wants to be in the sorority so badly. Flashback is a major part of the story because most of the story is a long extended flashback.

What does Millicent get in trouble for doing?

Millicent “Millie” Weaver, 29, has been charged with three felonies — robbery, tampering with evidence, obstructing justice — and domestic violence. Weaver aired a portion of her arrest on social media on Friday.

What technique does the author use to describe Millicent in this scene?

The author uses direct characterization to describe how Millicent looks.

What is the strongest message or theme that Sylvia Plath expresses in the story Initiation?

In Initiation by Sylvia Plath, the author suggests that conformity and having friends is a wonderful idea, yet the idea of having an individual identity and being an individual is stronger.

Was Sylvia Plath in a sorority?

In the short story “Initiation” by Sylvia Plath, the protagonist Millicent, a girl at Lansing High School is being tried as a member of an elite sorority.

What is Millicent’s internal conflict?

Internal conflict in Sylvia Plath’s “Initiation” was in Millicent. She was struggling to find her identity. Should she stay friends with Tracey and be free like a heather bird? Or, should she join the sorority and be trapped like the birds that all look alike?

What do the sparrows represent in initiation?

The way the birds come to him represents the naiveness and obedience of the ideal female. However, as the birds flutter down to him answering his calls without second thought, the protagonist is hesitant.

What is the setting of initiation by Sylvia Plath?

What is the complete setting of the story “Initiation”? At a high school called Lansing High. The story is based in mid-early fall, because it is at the beginning of the school year. A member of the Heather birds sorority; The vivacious blonde secretary of the sorority .

Which excerpt from initiation correctly matched with the implied resolution of the story?

Which excerpt from “Initiation” correctly matches with the implied resolution of the story? “It won’t be any different with us, Tracy,” Millicent had told her; This is the rising action implying that the two girls will remain friends. You just studied 16 terms!

What technique does the author use most to describe Millicent quizlet?

What technique does the author use most to describe Millicent? The author uses direct characterization to describe how Millicent looks.

What is rat court initiation?

Summary. Initiation into a high school sorority takes three young women – and their friendship – to the breaking point. Meanwhile, a young man struggles to chart his own future, or believe he’s worthy of one.

What is literary initiation?

Initiation Story. An initiation story is story whose overall plot is concerned with putting the protagonist through a particular sort of experience — initiation into something for which his/her previous experience had not prepared him/her.

Who is Millicent’s big sister?

He is a static, flat, and direct character. Beverly Mitchell is the story’s controlling, tough, and ill-mannered antagonist. She is Millicent’s “big sister” in the girls’ sorority at Lansing High School. She is a round and static character, and would be considered an indirect character and Millicent’s foil.

Does Millicent sleep with Owen?

After Mouth and Millie broke up, she slept with Owen. She lost her virginity to him, and regretted that very much, because it was supposed to be with Mouth . But they soon became friends and Owen helped her to recover from her drug addiction.