Why Is Mahogany Good For Guitars?

Having long been used in the manufacture of both acoustic and electric guitars, mahogany is a staple tonewood with many applications. Highly resilient, and with an excellent resistance to wood rot, it is very stable and less likely to warp than many other species of wood. As such, it’s a dependable source for luthiers.

Are all mahogany guitars any good?

The all solid mahogany Martin D-15 is as good as it gets. … As an all solid wood construction dreadnought, the thing is a true Martin in every way. I’ve played a dozen or more of these guitars at guitar stores, and every single last one was perfect.

Is mahogany the best guitar wood?

Mahogany: Mahogany is great for the backs and sides of a guitar as it has a great mid range character. It can enhance the mid range tones and add meatiness/thickness to the sound. If this is what you after, then this is a great wood option for you.

Is mahogany a hardwood?

mahogany, any of several tropical hardwood timber trees, especially certain species in the family Meliaceae. One such is Swietenia mahagoni, from tropical America. It is a tall evergreen tree with hard wood that turns reddish brown at maturity.

Is Basswood better than mahogany?

Basswood is a light weight wood that is very soft and has quite dominating midrange but not much sustain and small envelope. Mahogany is actually probably the better from the two because it is resonant and pleasant and when paired with maple, it really shines.

Is mahogany good for electric guitar?

Mahogany is by far one of the most widely used electric guitar woods because it gives those much sought after warm tones. It is very aesthetically attractive and makes for some beautiful instruments. This wood is very resonant, which means the player can feel the vibrations as he/she plays.

Which is better mahogany or rosewood?

Rosewood is much denser/harder and stronger than mahogany. This is why it is also used a lot for bridges and fingerboards. … Rosewood also has strong mids like Mahogany but it expands its tonal range in both directions – it produces pronounced lows and crisp highs.

What wood is best for guitars?

Spruce. This evergreen, found in northern temperate regions of the globe, is literally top choice: the ideal wood for the soundboard, or top, of an acoustic guitar. Its look — light in color, even in grain — is appealing though somewhat plain; what sets it apart is its beautiful tonal properties.

What wood is best for guitar fretboard?

The Big Three Fretboard Woods

  • Ebony. Considered the supreme tonewood for fingerboards due to its solidity, resiliency, and firmness, ebony was the primary fretboard wood in use from the 15th century till very recently. …
  • Rosewood. …
  • Maple. …
  • Indian Laurel. …
  • Ovangkol. …
  • Padauk. …
  • Pau Ferro. …
  • Walnut.

What wood is used for guitars?

Guitar bodies use a combination or southern and northern wood. Northern wood is often used for the top of the body, while southern wood is often used for the sides and back. The top is particularly important, so the excellent resonant qualities of spruce (a kind of pine) make it an ideal material.

Can you use mahogany for a guitar fretboard?

Mahogany makes for a very stable neck due to it’s even density reducing the risk of warping. The open pores make the neck a little more responsive than a maple neck, nor is it as dense as Maple. … Commonly called Honduran Mahogany. This is the wood most associated with Gibson guitars.

Which wood is best for classical guitar?

The following are the most commonly used species for the soundboards.

  • Spruce. Spruce is a perennial favourite as it suits any style of playing. …
  • Cedar. This wood is traditionally used on classical instruments but is becoming an increasingly popular choice for steel strung flat top constructions too. …
  • Mahogany.

Is Mahogany heavier than alder?

Mahogany guitars are generally heavier, with alder being quite light. Because of this, alder gives a light bright sound, and Mahogany gives a deeper Les-Paulier sound.

Is Basswood OK for guitars?

Basswood has been used in many high-end guitars for decades and is considered a great tone wood for instruments throughout the industry.

Which guitar is best for beginners?

Best acoustic guitars for beginners in 2021: 10 easy acoustic…

  • Fender. CD-60S All-Mahogany Acoustic Guitar.
  • Yamaha. LL6 ARE.
  • Epiphone. Hummingbird Studio.
  • Yamaha. FG800.
  • Taylor. GS Mini Mahogany.
  • Ibanez. AW54CE.
  • Martin. LX1E Little Martin.
  • Epiphone. DR100.

Is Poplar good for guitar?

I am a guitar maker, and poplar is a highly adviced wood for making guitars because it is slighly cheaper and has a great sustain, just don’t build a neck out of it. As for other woods go to your local guitar shop they will be glad to help.

Which is better alder or basswood?

Tonally, alder is similar to basswood, but brighter and with slightly less sustain. … Alder is overall a bit more dynamic than basswood, making it suitable for a wider range of sounds, but it’s mostly found in Fenders and Fender style guitars like Squiers.

Is swamp ash heavier than basswood?

The Ash Tributes look better, sound tighter and more punchy. The basswood G&Ls have more bass and midrange (too much for some), but are supposed to sound somewhat indifferent in the mix. The weight is about 4,5 kg, but heavier basses are not unusual!

Why is mahogany illegal?

Following the path of ivory, in 2003, mahogany was listed on the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) as a species in need of strict regulation to prevent its extinction. Because Peruvian mahogany is traded in violation of CITES, it is illegal to trade or possess it under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.

Is mahogany stronger than oak?

Mahogany is a hardwood, it is harder and more durable than oak, but softer than maple.

What are the disadvantages of mahogany wood?


  • As it is very hard as compared to others, it is difficult to cut, give different shapes, and also have a tiring installation process. …
  • As mahogany hardwood floors absorb sunlight, the color of the wood becomes darker over time.

Is mahogany fretboard good?

Never tried mahogany as a fretboard, but it’s pretty soft compared to typical woods used for fretboards. And it’s open-grained. I personally wouldn’t do it. The maple would be better IMHO.

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